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Goal Tracking. Week 10.

This week: FAIL! On track for 9/52 weeks so far.

I thought I would be more uptight about my weight being up this week… but I’m totes not. Couple of reasons:

1. I KNEW it was going to be up this week. It was nearly deliberate.
2. It is good for me to fail so I don’t set myself up to think that I have to be perfect this entire year (because I don’t).

After the detox ended on 29 February, I went on a “vacation” from all this uptightness around my body. I stop recording every movement and every morsel. I didn’t exercise on purpose. I drank beer. I ate pizza.

Yesterday was the last day of absolute indulgence – I’m back to trying to eat in a healthy yet balanced way.

As for this week’s “fail”… now I’m free to be imperfect. I don’t have to beat myself up later when I’ve had 25 “perfect” weeks and then my weight bumps up. It helps me focus on what is really important:  Things are trending in the right way.

And although my weight went up from last week, so did my lean mass. Meanwhile, my body fat percentage was down from last Tuesday. So… not that big a fail, all things considered!


Goal Tracking. Week 9.

This week: Success. On track for 9/52 weeks so far.

I didn’t think I was going to pull this off this week – right up until yesterday I was either the same weight or higher than last Tuesday. Yikesipops.

I think the “stall” is because I have been drastically under-eating… by accident. I just don’t think that I’m doing that much activity… but yesterday I walked/ran for a total of nearly 25km (at least 6km of which was running) and today I’ve walked 13km. So I’m burning more than I think.

Just today and tomorrow left and I’m done with the detox. I can’t flipping wait to eat some fruit!

Goal Tracking. Week 8.

This week: Success. On track for 8/52 weeks so far.

I hit a nice milestone this past week. I’ve now lost over 20 pounds. So this is a double-win week.

Also, a surprising improvement at the gym. I ran my sprints today and they were every bit as hard as they usually are. However… my recovery time was kick ass. My heart rate dropped back to normal in no time. So, winning.

Goal Tracking. Week 7.

This week: Success. On track for 7/52 weeks so far.

But I need to confess something: I’m not feeling all that good about this week’s “success”. Yes, I am a lower weight since last week… but not that much lower. Which sucks, because I’ve been well behaved.

I’m trying to focus on the fact that I didn’t put this weight on really quickly (although it was rather effortlessly) and that it is dropping. I just wish it was as easy to take off as it was to put on. Stupid fatness.

On the plus side (no pun intended – ha ha) – Fitbit has informed me that it is no longer 16 October that I should hit my goal… but more like 23 September. Silly Fitbit! Don’t you know that I’m going to be a brat some weeks and drink all the beers? You should stick with that October date. I’m sure going to.

Goal Tracking. Week 6.

So, in an attempt to stay accountable to my goal, I’m going to announce if I was successful or not each week.

As I said in my previous post – my weight has dropped each week for the first five weeks. Going forward, I hope to do this each Tuesday.

This week: Success. On track for 6/52 weeks so far. Yay!

Plan of Attack

Now that I’ve ‘fessed up to what my big goal is (ish) for 2012, I thought I’d start detailing a bit about how I plan to do it. There are three parts to my plan:

1. Eat smarter
2. Move more
3. Measure that shit

Pretty simple, no?

Eat Smarter

For me, this has meant following what is probably most commonly known as the “Paleo Diet” (or Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet or Hunter Gatherer Diet). To me, it should be just the “Whole, real foods (sans gluten) diet”, because that’s really what it is.  Single ingredient foods for the most part with a few little bits to make life sunnier (red wine, dark chocolate, good coffee).

It goes a lot along the lines of what Michael Pollen says in his book In Defense of Food: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

It’s a fairly easy rule to live by.

And I’m trying to live by these “rules” about 80-90% of the time. Except this month, during which I’m subjecting myself to DEADLY DETOX FEBRUARY. Same rules as above, less fruit, the wine, chocolate and *sob* coffee (gave that up as of Thursday last week). And I’m sticking to it 100%. Six days in and no one has been maimed. Yet.

I’m going to enjoy the SHIT out of the next glass of red wine I have, let me tell you.

Move more

Actually, right now I’m failing at this pretty hard. STUPID LUNGS – BE LESS STUPID. I’m so tired all the time because of this damned cough so I’m not doing much exercise. I’m hoping that later this week I’ll be back to the plan, which is to walk in the morning, lift weights at lunch, and run in the evening. BAM.

Measure that shit

I’m actually measuring using a few tools that I’ll go into in separate posts:

1. Fitbit (food, sleep, mood, weight, activity)
2. Fitocracy (exercise)
3. Runkeeper (exercise – cardio)
4. Withings Scale (weight)

Some of these connect to each other. Some don’t. Altogether, they ensure I’m totes on top of this shit. Measurement is important – it helps track progress. I’ll give some in-depth reviews on those tools and how I’m using them in later posts.

That’s the quick and dirty outline of what I’m up to. I will try to talk about each in more detail as time goes on, and let you all know how it is all holding up.

2012 Goals A-Go-Go

Alright. As promised.

My goal for this year is regarding my weight, to wit: To get rid of some of it.

I tried this last year (and the year before, and the year before, etc.,etc., ad nauseam). And in 2011, until all the holidays at the end of April, it was working. I lost nearly two stone (28 pounds). Unfortunately, because I didn’t keep on keeping on… I gained it all back and then some for the beginning of this year. Not too smart.

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to measure success around this, but nothing in the last 27 years (let’s just say I’m 27, okay?) has worked. So I’m trying something different.

This is the plan/goal: For forty of the fifty-two weeks of this year, I will weigh less than the week before.

How much less is not relevant. As long as it is less. If I actually hit my goal weight (which if – IF – I behave the entire fucking year should be early October), I may change “weigh less” to “weigh within two kilos of” so I don’t go too far.

Why forty out of fifty-two? So when life throws things at me (Vegas in January, Irish wedding in April), I don’t have to feel like I can’t enjoy myself because I don’t want to fail at this goal. I’ve built in some buffers so I can stay successful.

So far it is working. It has been five weeks so far, and I have dropped every week, even post Vegas (even though that was only 0.2kg, or just under 1/2 a pound). In fact, as of this morning I’ve lost just over a stone (a stone = 14 pounds, for y’all not in Britain) since my first weigh-in on January 3rd.

So. Here is me being publicly accountable for what I’m doing with/t0/for my poor body. I am not quite ready yet for other confessions (like how much I currently weigh) but may be once I get closer to my goal. I’ll try to keep updating about how I’m doing it and how it is going.

Wish me luck! Here’s to a healthier Jodi in 2012. (Yikes.)