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Into the light of the dark black night

For “Journal Writing” class yesterday, I gave my little guys an assignment to reinforce making the “Writing Hamburger” (main idea as the “bun” and the details as the “toppings”) as well as starting to create metaphors and analogies in their writing… without going into details quite yet about metaphor and analogy. They are seven.

The topic was “My Favorite Colour”. These three little weirdos all picked black. They were given the opening sentence (“My favourite colour is…”) and closing sentence (“I love the colour…”) to help them with the hamburger. Then they had to answer the following questions about their colour:

How does it look?
How does it taste?
How does it smell?
How does it feel?
How does it sound?

Haha. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they realised they were going to have to tell me how the colour black smells. But I gave them a load of example using my favourite colour (red, if you’d like to know) and they were off.

Lilly proofreading her work like a boss.

Lilly proofreading her work like a boss.

They did a great job! Some of the ideas were pretty basic (and they all seemed to think that black smelled and tasted like chocolate), but there were some real gems in their paragraphs that I would like to share with you. These are taken from all three children. Jessica, Lilly and Albert, 7 years old.


Black is scary, dark, and looks like a thief. It sounds like a ghost’s howls. Black is like a cat that rests in the library. It is the sound of lightning in the night. It feels like a ghost is holding my arm beside me.


I freaking love these children!

Hallowe’en Tales – Korean Kiddo Style

I was pretty happy with the stories my PK class wrote, so I thought I would share them. They are “Korean aged” seven, which means that they are biologically either six or seven years old, depending on when their actual birthday is. Pretty awesome little story writers. They had to incorporate specific words into their stories (they each had different words) and they did it well.


Once upon a time there was a skeleton. It was the only skeleton. The skeleton ate people. The skeleton was outside. A jet was coming closer. It threw out a bomb. The bomb went “Boom!” The skeleton ran back to the house, got many scissors, and went back outside. The skeleton jumped on the jet. He went in the jet and fought with a soldier. The skeleton won and was very happy. The skeleton was so happy he decided to go to the playground. And the skeleton played happily in the playground for the rest of the day.


In the church there were many zombies and no people. Only zombies! There was one zombie who said “Eek!” when he met a spider. He liked to punch and eat people, too. One day, they were eating my friend! I was scared and I said “Eek!”. I ran to my house. Then I woke up and it was just a dream. I was very scared but I went to the church. It was all real! A zombie was there eating many books! The zombie punched me and ate my book! I quickly ran away and went back home. My mom was baking cookies. Mom said, “Happy Hallowe’en!” “Today is Hallowe’en?” I asked. “Yes!” Mom said. My mom and I went to the playground. My friends were there. We decided to go back to the church. We did. There were no zombies anywhere. And that was my scary day.


Once upon a time there was a ghost who liked running. The ghost ran very quickly and a chair fell over. Bang! The ghost lived in a house. The ghost’s name was Jocat. He punched a book when he was being very scary. He liked to eat many skeletons. When Albert skeleton ran past his house he broke the window and he tried to eat the skeleton. He had eight eyes so he could look outside even when he was sleeping. He also liked to eat adults. When the adults walked past his house, he punched the door whenever they were close. When he went outside he saw the adults and quickly went to them. He ate them very quickly. When he began to eat the adults, somewhere a clock sang the song “I am the clock that goes tick-tock, I am the clock that likes the ghost.” And the ghost danced to the clock song.

Where would you like to go on a field trip? Why?

Okay, so I may have the wording of the question slightly off. I don’t have the lesson plan in hand. But that’s close enough to count.

I would like to go back to the Kid’s Café . ANY Kid’s Café.

So. What’s a Kid’s Café? It’s a place of awesomeness if you are a kindergarten teacher. It’s a big room full of soft, safe shit for the kids to go monkeynuts on. And we just have to watch.

It’s the greatest field trip you can hope for: A full day of no lessons, happy children, and free coffee. So much win.

Who is your favourite singer or movie star? Tell me about him or her.

I don’t really have a favourite movie star. I like movies, kind of. At this point I don’t remember when I was last in a movie theatre, but I suspect it was to see the final Harry Potter movie. Not kidding. And I haven’t even watched a new movie at home in ages. For the past 18 months I’ve had the attention span of a squirrel. Sit and pay attention for an entire movie? Forget you, clown. Not going to happen.

This question isn’t much easier to answer musically. I love so many different bands. So, so many. And I find new ones to love all the time. To narrow it down to a favourite is nearly impossible.

When I was in university, a group of friends and I used to play the “Deserted Island” game. The question was always formatted “If you were on a deserted island, which __________ would you want with you?”

The blank could be anything. Which fruit. Which fast food burger. Which toothpaste. (That topic started controversy, let me tell you. Do NOT mess with someone’s favourite toothpaste. That’s a loyalty that runs deep.) Which CD.

And we had SO much trouble with the “which CD” (this was 1999) question and discussed it often. We started discussing whether or not we could bring a CD of  our current top 10 songs or not. So then the question evolved into “If you were on a deserted island, which 10 songs from the Pearl Jam catalogue would you put on your only CD?” Hours of (drunken) entertainment, I tells you. We talked about this stuff a lot.

But the question isn’t favourite band, it’s asking about your favourite singer… which is a different question. Not all my favourite bands even have singers.

There are a LOT of people I could name with lovely voices. I would have sex with Eddy Veddar‘s voice if I could. I love Thom Yorke‘s voice. And the ladies in Tegan and Sara. Or have you ever heard Kal Lavelle sing? (sooooo shivery) And, of course, the ladies in Nova’s Basement. And so, so, so many more. I love gorgeous, moving voices that give you goosebumps (scientifically known as “musically evoked frission” – now you know) when you hear them sing.

For me, the ultimate voice for that shivery action (especially live) would be Jonsi of Sigur Rós. Sigur Rós has been a favourite of mine for over a decade now, my most listened-to band. And I believe that this is due largely to how much I love Jonsi’s voice. He uses his voice as an instrument and it blends so perfectly with the haunting songs that Sigur Rós creates. Even though I don’t understand a word he sings (he sings mostly in Icelandic), it doesn’t matter. Beauty doesn’t require language.

How was your Chuseok holiday?

My Chuseok holiday was awe-to-the-some. Three glorious days off and a visit from the ever-lovely Craigface. It was great.

First things first: What the eff is Chuseok, right? If you are too lazy to check out the wiki page I linked there for ya, basically Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving. Except we got three days off instead of one and no one got trampled in a sale.

My Chuseok celebration started at school on Friday, with all the kiddos coming dressed in their traditional Korean garb – the hanbok. I actually only took one photo, but it is an extra cute one.

chuseok hanbok kindergarten

Kelly, looking very grown-up for 5 years old.

We made songpyeon (which, I won’t lie, looked totes sick with how the kids manhandled it) and played traditional Korean folk games. Which the foreign staff was expected to judge/referee… even though the rules never were explained in English.

But the best part that day was the arrival of my friend Craig, who managed to make it all the way to my ‘hood all by himself. I walked him to my place in the morning and after school, had our first night out.

photo 2


I’ll spare y’all the details of our visit, but there was a lot of shopping, a lot of food, a bunch of booze and even the occasional foray toward the odd cultural this and that (like the temple in the picture above). It was super fun.

It meant a lot that Craig came to visit me all the way in Korea for just those few days. Thankfully he liked it enough that he plans on coming back to visit next year.

Speaking of feeling thankful on Thanksgiving (even if it is K-stylE), my fabulous landlord stopped by (at the asscrack of dawn, which I can’t thank him for, after the long nights Craig and I had) on Chuseok day to bring me food. Songpyeon (which is pretty gross even when the kids aren’t the ones making it) and some fruit.

photo 3

Best. Landlord. Ever.

Overall, I had a great Chuseok which I am so thankful for. I had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. I wouldn’t have asked for anything more.

Just a Quick Word (or 10)

Because 10 is all I know.

I know SO little Korean. And what I do know relates to booze and/or food and/or how to call you a pervert and/or a retard.

So tonight in the cab ride home by myself with a driver who knew about as much English  as I know Korean was SO much fun. So much. You can’t even imagine.

I know how to say ‘beer’. And ‘I don’t understand Korean’. And ‘don’t give me any corn.’.

He knew how to say ‘baseball’. And ‘Canada’. And ‘Toronto’.

He thought it was hilarious that I knew how to say ‘Korea’ in Korean but didn’t know how to respond to his simple Korean phrases at freaking all. As did I.

So was it the most fun cab ride ever? It’s freaking up there. I love this country.

Korean Cuteness; Cosmetics Edition

Korea, we need to have words about how stinking cute everything in this country has to be. At this moment I’m referring specifically to skin care products I recently purchased, but really that sentence could apply to so many things here.

I need you guys to check this super cute shiz out. Seriously.

Tony Moly Products

How cute is this? SO STINKING CUTE.

From left to right, you are looking at a pore cleaner, some facial cleanser, and a skin brightening wash-off mask.

And it’s not just cute, it works so well. I love Korea so much for their skin care products and cosmetics. Sure, sure, some of it is weird (they’re obsessed with snail juice, for example, but apparently it is the best ever for your skin). My skin hasn’t looked this good in like, forever.

I bought these bits and bobs from Tony Moly, which is a fairly ubiquitous skin care shop here in Korea. There’s one less than 5 minutes from my house, which is fairly dangerous for my wallet.

I also can’t get over how many free samples you can score when you buy this stuff as well. It works so bloody well too – I’m totally going back to buy that ‘100 hours cream’ you see, it was awesome.

tony moly cosmetics

And, as always, rocking the free swag