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>Every night is beer night


I keep MEANING to do a post, but I am vaguely retarded and keep forgetting my camera. And most of my posts need pictures to fully explain what the heck is going on. So today, please enjoy the picture of the Coffin of Sand (it isn’t EXACTLY the Coffin of Sand I sleep in every day, but it is close) and the size of the pints. Those pints were from the Wa Bar, where I went with Laura and Francis on my first real night here (thanks, girls!). That bottle is of a mud slide, and is there for prospective, so you can tell how big those pints are. And a pint is about $2.50CAD. There are definitely high points to being here.

On Friday night, I went out to the park for some drinks. Also a highlight – drinking in public is totally acceptable. What was a little weird is that it was 11pm and there were still kids all over the park. After a few we went to the Beer Cabin – Joe, Orla, Aaron (sorry Aaron… not sure about the spelling), Brooke, Richard (sometimes known as Chad) and I. It was good fun, and cheap beer. My first night drinking Soju, but because it was peach flavoured I don’t think it counts. Get this… you buy the flavoured Soju by the pitcher, but you do it in shots. In case you didn’t quite get the full ramifications of that I will word it again: You buy SHOTS by the PITCHER here. I heart Korea.

The next night I went into Itaewon (very multicultural part of Seoul) with Orla, Joe, Brooke and Richard (sometimes known as Chad… but I think for now I will call him Richard. If later you read about “Chad” though, that is still Richard and I have just changed my mind about what to call him). Brooke, Richard and I went to a Greek restaurant, which was very good. Then we met Orla and Joe across the street (forgot the name of the bar… if you are reading this Orla, leave a comment with the name). This new bar was very cool… wish I wasn’t such a dumbass and had brought my freaking camera. The seats are very low to the ground and the atmosphere was amazing. But the coolest thing was that the floor was covered in white sand so you felt like you were at the beach. Next time I go (and there will be a next time, I promise!) I will bring my camera. The other neat thing is that on the menu an option is hour on the hookah. For 15,000W. We didn’t try it, but it sounds pretty cool.

After that (we left after one drink because they were “too expensive”… about $6 for a Cosmo) we went to the “Hollywood Grill” for more drinks. It was so much fun! It was just about being back home, but the Premiership game started at 11:00pm and we were already drunk. Fun! All of us piled into a cab and headed home – at about 2:30am.

Sunday I mostly sat around on my ass and rested. Started getting the worst cold ever. I’m feeling better today, but not by a lot. My voice is screwed – and yelling and the little monkeys all day didn’t help.

Tonight we went out for Francis’ birthday. Happy Birthday Francis!! I split a “Mexican Salad” with Amelia. It had apples and party sprinkles (yes, like the kind on a fucking birthday cake) but no Mexicans. In fact, beats the fuck out of me what the hell made it Mexican.

I’ll post more later. Cheers.