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>Open Class, Korean wedding, Everland, immigration and the hospital… again


So much has happened since the last blog, I feel like such a dillhole for not typing sooner. But I have been feeling a little off my game this last week. Not sad… not tired… not sick (or homesick)… just not on my game. I’m going to take it easier this weekend and see if I can get on the ball. I have housework and all kinds of crap to get caught up on. It doesn’t help that Mike sent me the new Sims expansion pack and Civ 4 (thank you thank you thank you). Every time I SHOULD be doing something productive, I sit in front of the PC and either send my Sims out for a wild night on the town or I conquer Rome (take THAT, Caesar!).

Open Class

My open class went well. Or at least, I think it did. Because of course I have had no feedback from the school. THANKS GUYS! A-holes. Rino’s mom gave me feedback in his report book though: “Rino and his friends did a good job at open house. Rino’s attitude is much better now… thanks to you.” That’s right bitches, thanks to me. Overall, my kids were good. Except Grace, who was off the hook. But I’m still pretty happy with it overall.

Korean Wedding

On Saturday nine out of the eleven foreign teachers went to Jenny’s wedding. I would like to tell you more about the ceremony, but seven out of nine (including yours truly) were late. OOPSIE! Stupid traffic/buses/subway/trying to run in high heels. If you want to know more about it, try M.C. Frances-Teacher’s blog. She’s a better person than the rest of us, and she was there on time. We caught some chick singing, some crazy cake-cutting (it looked like they were using either dry ice or a smoke machine as a special effect) and then a zillion pictures. After that there was food, and then they went into another room for the traditional Korean ceremony (which is a different outfit and a lot of fucking bowing). The entire thing didn’t even take three hours. So of course, the North Americans were a little lost, having expected the wedding to run much later. We made up for it by pub-crawling in Seoul. It was great fun. A highlight was having Frances teach Aaron, Woody and I how to make cranes out of napkins. There was a good twenty or so on the table by the time we were done. Hey – when you hang out with retarded five-year old monkeys all week, you become easily amused. (And before you can even THINK of a sarcastic sassback to that one, mother… “MORE easily amused” in my case. I know.)


Because we didn’t do enough on the weekend (just drinking Friday night and the Korean wedding and pub-crawling on Saturday – aurgh!), Frances, Laura, Andrea and I went to Everland. Yup, again. And yup, it was fun fun fun again! Hooray! I love rides! And we did buy some silly hats. I have pictures at my Flickr site, as does Frances. It was a bit chilly, but a quick attempt at “Dance Dance Revolution” warmed us up (and I’m sure the Koreans that were laughing at us were warmed up too). There was an amazing fireworks display, and it is all made up for Christmas. We plan on going back (with some longjohns on) sometime in December to check it out again.


Sigh. Immigration seems to be cracking down again. So Tuesday after work we all had to go to Suwon to hand in a “Confirmation of Degree”. No biggie, but a reminder that I’m not in my home country any more. I will have to go back to Suwon one day soon – they have this ginormous fortress wall that I would like to check out. It was nice that the school drove us to the immigration office. Aaron, Orla, Frances, Laura and I took the opportunity to have multi-entry visas added to our passports. That will be handy when travelling to Thailand, Japan, and China (or, so is the plan) over the next year. Poor Brooke had to sit and wait for us all to finish, but she was a really good sport about it. (I don’t think Brooke reads my blog – but in case she does – dude, I hope they fix your mold problem soon.)


I’m retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to use sharp objects. On Tuesday I was cutting erasers in half (so they will last longer. I’m not sure if the kids eat them or what, but they go missing quickly) when I got distracted and cut a HUGE chunk out of my left index finger. No. HUGE. It was gross. GROSS GROSS GROSS. Right at the pad of the finger, where my fingerprint would be. At first, it didn’t even hurt. I thought “Holy crap, that’s quite a hole there” and then it started to bleed. A lot. So I went off in search of a band-aid with my finger in my mouth. I asked Richard-Teacher, who said he had one. He grabbed it, and had to help me put it on because by this point my finger is bleeding badly enough that I can’t get the bandaid on one-handed. (Side note: it was a Betty Boop bandaid that Rich stole from one of the kids. Good job!) Within moments I realize that I’m starting to bleed through the bandaid. So I get another one and put it on top of that one. Start bleeding through. So I get the Korean front desk teacher to help me put on some gauze and stuff. And then… well, then I had lunch. Thought that was that. Didn’t hurt too bad – just throbbing a little. But around 1:15 (we start lunch at 12:30 and the finger mutilation happened at 12:00), I start thinking that I should switch back to a regular bandaid to teach in. Take of the gauze. Realize that I am still fucking bleeding. They bring some white powder and dump it on there to help with the clotting. No go. Now there is blood and white powder all over the place. So the school director says “Maybe more serious?”. Yes, more serious. So they say they are going to take me to a “hospital”. Apparently, any doctor’s office is a “hospital” ’cause I ended up in a plastic surgeon’s office. Okay, look. I DON’T KNOW WHY. That’s just where they took me. It said “plastic surgeon” on the door. In English. And I asked why we were at a plastic surgeon… and Kelly-Teacher doesn’t know enough English to tell me why. They thought I would get stitches… but he just cleaned it out and bandaged it better. Whew! I didn’t want freaking stitches. Now comes the cute part.

I was late getting back from lunch – supposed to be back at 1:30 and it is now 2:00. Ellie was looking after my class while I was gone, and must have told them that I went to the hospital. When I came in the room, all the kids came up to hug me at the same time, and Amy and Grace cried because I was hurt. Cute little monkeys! I might try to slip one of them in my suitcase. All of them were very good for the rest of the afternoon, and I found out today that Rino’s mommy called the school to see how I was doing. Nice!

That brings you guys up to today with me. I try to remember to blog, but sometimes it feels too much like work and so I don’t bother. Sorry about that. If you read this… leave a comment for me so I know that it is being read. I do miss you guys.

Original Comments:

careybatgirl wrote (on 24/11/05):
If I call immigration and tell them you are a murderer, will they send you home???? I miss Jodi

Pattie Girl wrote (on 24/11/05):
I read it all the time, and I sent the link to Mom Perszon and Brynn. Hope your finger’s better!

dirtyaurghpants wrote (on 24/11/05):
carey – if you want immigration to send me home, just call and tell them i didn’t pass english 304 and my degree isn’t legit. that will get me kicked out faster than telling them i am a murderer… (i miss you too!)

and-errhea wrote (on 29/11/05):
What’s English 304 again? Don’t tell me it’s Merv’s class, or I will laugh so hard that I will pee in my pants a little bit.

jeanine wrote (on 03/12/05):
hey dude! just trying to catch up on your life adventures in Korea. Sounds like you are having a good time(other than this finger incident). I did get your message thanks! I was so excited!!!! And upset I missed the call! Will send you a xmas card with more jeaniney goodness. Miss ya lots! J

>Laid back weekend


Relatively speaking, I did nothing this weekend. I stayed at home on Friday night to teach my body a valuable lesson about not being sick. My body learned nothing. STUPID BODY! So I tried going out drinking Saturday night. That also did not cure my sore throat, but I am feeling a great deal less stressed after trimming away some brain cells with alcohol.

I went to Hanan Market with Amelia-Teacher on Saturday. And the greatest thing happened. You can get pickles every where in Korea. Every where. But (and this is a big “but” if you are me), they are all those sweet pickles. No dill pickle goodness, and it makes me sad. Because I can tolerate sweet pickles, but I’m obsessed with dills, man. MMMM!!! And get this – they had dill fucking pickles at Hanan Market. HOORAY! There were two jars and I bought them both. They were only about $7 each (big jars too). I would have paid $20. I’m not kidding. I also found (and purchased) Pine Sol. I washed my floors, opened the window, lay down on the bed with my eyes closed and pretended to be at my moms’ house. It was glorious. Thanks, Amelia. I owe ya one. I’d give you a pickle, but I’m going to be hoarding those bastards.

Dance, Monkey. Dance.

After a disastrous and decision-doubting Tuesday and Wednesday, the week got progressively better. On Thursday, the Grand Poo-Bah and Second-Minion-in-Command came to observe my class and what we were doing for open house. After Tuesday, I was NOT looking forward to it, after everything I had done was brought in to question. But… oh glorious… the monkeys danced. They danced better that day than I could have ever hoped! I should have given them 100 stickers each, the little bastards were in such fine form. From saying things to make the observers laugh, to responding to my slightest command, they were fabulous. Key highlights include:

1. Grace READING the title of the book I was reading to them. To give you an idea of how cool this is – when these kids came to the school in February 2005, they didn’t know any English. And they are 5 years old. And my wee Graceland READ the freaking title. READ it. I love her.

2. At precisely 10:25, Amy says “Jodi-Teacher, it is water time”. Good job Amy! Way to prove that I taught you guys something about telling time.

3. When asked “What does a soldier do?”, Rino replied “Canada… come… Korea… take… Soldier… gun… stop Canada”. Yes, Rino. Yes. The Grand Poo-Bah and Second-Minion-in-Command were laughing so hard I thought they were going to fall out of their chairs.

4. At one point the monkeys were acting up, and I didn’t even have to say anything to settle them down. I raised one hand, and started a silent countdown from five. Before I got to zero, every one of those damned bastards were sitting nicely.

YES YES YES! And there were more great moments, and I felt so much better. Better about my kids, and about my decision to come here and teach. I wasn’t quite as depressed by Thursday afternoon.

Sugar High, Sugar Low

Friday was a weird-ass day. It was Pepero Day in Korea. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepero_Day for more information on the shit. But all you basically need to know is that my kids were hopped up on sugar and as unstable as Charles Manson all day on Friday. Idiots. Also, I have a truckload of these effing Peperos. Because Friday was the day you give Peperos to your friends. And the monkeys want to be sure that they are my friend.

To highlight how whacked these kids were, I’ll tell you a wee story from my 5:30 class… my most advanced and oldest kids. On Friday, we were doing one of the exercises together. We had to pick something to teach “a friend” how to do, list the materials needed, and then write out the directions. We decided to do “make pizza”, and to make things easier, when the monkeys started listing toppings, I said we would just say “toppings”. They didn’t stop with toppings. A-holes. PAY ATTENTION! LAY OFF THE SUGAR! So I told them to knock it off. Right away, Jenny (who is a very well-behaved and mild-mannered monkey normally) yells out “Frogs!”, to which I say “Jenny, I asked for less silly-ness please”, and she says “No, no, teacher! Frog toppings!” and before I can say “I told you no more FUCKING TOPPINGS!” she gives me jazz hands and yells “It’s a new taste sensation!”

I was doubled over laughing. Her impression of me was priceless. Because she did it EXACTLY how I would have done it. And now I feel sorry for my teachers. Sorry I was such a wise-ass. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry to Korea for doing this to your children. But not real sorry.

Original Comments:

tonicandgin wrote (on 14/11/05):
three things stand out if you scour the internet for ‘new taste sensation’, and here in lies the magic of the google search:
1. http://www.anewtastesensation.com/ – a chocolate fountain, aka the ‘chocolate lady’
2. this is the first hit on the list, i kid you not – Marmite Popcorn!
3. and best of all… what one website calls ‘Canada’s New Taste Sensation’ –

and-errhea wrote (15/11/05):
HOLY CRAPPER!! A New Taste Sensation is hiring? Do you guys think that I should quit my job and go work for the Chocolate Lady? It’s so tempting, and that chocolate fountain thing looks like recycled-saliva goodness!



I would just like to add a note saying that I’m rather proud of myself for my lengthy blogging today. I’m usually not so well-behaved. And, although I would like you to think that I am simply being a good person, putting my loved ones ahead of my own needs (ie: my need to not sit in front of a computer and like, think, or some junk), it is simply not true. I just didn’t feel like: a. finishing evaluations on the wee monkeys or b. doing the effing dishes.

Sigh. I don’t even eat at home and I STILL have effing dishes. STUPID DISHES! I have an urge to toss ’em all out. Then I would never have to wash them again.

And the evaluations are retarded. Which is appropriate, because so are the monkeys half the time. I don’t even know what to tell you about them. They are dumb, dumb, dumb. I make up the shit. And would you like to know why I make up the shit? Why it doesn’t really matter what I say as long as I circle a 4 or 5? BECAUSE THE MONKEY’S PARENTS CAN’T READ FUCKING ENGLISH. AURGHPANTS!!!!

Bite me, evaluations. Bite me.

Sorry. This will be the end of my self-congratulatory note and complaining about work/chores. FOR TODAY.

>Paintballing and Halloween


It has been a rather eventful few days. Good thing I remembered my effing camera for at least one of the days…


On Sunday Orla forced 8 teachers to go paintballing, and it was bunches of fun. I have never been before, and didn’t really know what to expect. It was great. They let our entire group stick together on one team, which was nice. I now know not to shoot until I am close enough to hit the other person. I ran out of bullets a lot. Also, I paintball the way I play video games, meaning I stay in one spot and wait for someone to come close enough for me to hit them. I was shot just once, in the ass, and it stung. I figured paintball played out the same way for me that going to war would, except getting shot in the ass in paintball doesn’t qualify you for a pension.

Injuries: 2
Location of Injuries: Ass welt and hand full of prickly, burr-things. Yuck!


Halloween was chaotic and fun. We have been decorating our classes for weeks, and on Friday night we stayed late and did up everything else. The halls and front desk were decorated by the Korean teachers. We also changed the “big gym” into a games room and the “play gym” (think, “indoor playground at McDonald’s”) into a Haunted House. I was on the Haunted House team.

The nicest part about Halloween is that we didn’t have to teach. HOORAY! I hardly even saw my kids because I had to be at the Haunted House. How scary was it? There are 11 classes. We had at LEAST ONE CRIER in EVERY class. Hooray! Mission accomplished! Although we fell short on our “get one kid to piss him/herself” manifesto. Oh well, we are still considering it a success. My little cowards wouldn’t even go INTO the room, let alone through the course we had set up. Wusses. It was great. After lunch we had singing, and my monsters did a good job. I was happy with them. They looked pretty cute in their costumes too.

After kindergarten was done, we had all of our afternoon classes go to the Big Gym for a Scary Story contest. I’m happy to say that in my 2:30 class my kid tied for 3rd place, and in my 5:30 class my kid took first. GOOD JOB! Hooray! Also, I tied for third place in the classroom decorating contest. It was all good.

I do have pics up at Flickr, if you are interested. I’m the big kid in the witch costume. Hopefully other teachers (ahem) will post their pictures so I can link to them for you guys. It really was a good (but tiring) time.

One last note: we get stared at a lot in Korea. There aren’t a ton of white people here. And tonight, as we walked in costume from the school to the pub for a pint and a bite, you could see people trying to NOT stare. It was funny. Then there were people that had to come over and comment, mostly because Joe-Teacher was dressed as freaking Batman with fake muscles and everything.

>Sick monkeys = sick Jodi-Teacher


Not much going on, thanks to this wicked-ass cold I have right now. My glands are the size of golf balls and it hurts to turn my damned head. And before you can say ANYTHING moms… I am taking my damned vitamins. It doesn’t enter into it. The problem is that 86.4% of my kids are sick. (And not in the head, I mean that they have colds.) (And one of the little a-holes actually threw up… good thing it didn’t happen in my room, or I would have thrown up too. I’m not cut out for that kind of shit). And these sick little bastards touch me ALL DAY. ALL DAY. Or I have to touch their books and stuff. EW EW EW EW. So I’m sick. I’m done bitching.

My kids are all writing Scary Stories for Halloween. I get to pick “the best one” from each of my classes. I will find the time to post the stories here… some of them are pretty good. Too bad the funniest ones (aka the ones that make NO effing sense) won’t get picked. Maybe I’ll post some of them too. Heh heh. I will take pictures of the school on Halloween day – it has been pretty fun decorating for Halloween and I will post pics once I can also get the kids in their costumes. The Scooby Doo song is in the bag. Adorable little idiots anyway.

Last thing… this weekend I am going paintballing for the first time. Hopefully there will be pictures of that too.

>Come on down!


I’m supposed to have been teaching the monkeys how to tell time. In their second language. At the age of five. Most of these moronic primates can barely count to twelve, let alone grasp the concept of freaking time. But I’ll give it a go and see if they learn anything. After working through the basics (for those of you who forget how to tell time on a clock with hands, the “basics” would be just the “o’clocks”) and they do pretty good. So I decide to see just how good, and start asking some harder questions like “when is water time” (10:25) and “when is lunch” (12:30). To test them, I have them come to the board and draw the hands on a clock that I drew. Side note: I’m becoming seriously kick-ass at drawing on the board. Yes! Back to the story. Both the guys who come up first do pretty good. Then I ask a hard one: When is lunch time OVER? Well, the Mad Pooper volunteers and I KNOW this kid doesn’t have the answer. Here comes the good part… the part I wish everyone could have seen. The Mad Pooper is standing at the board on a chair, pen in his chubby little hand, tongue sticking out of his mouth, looking over his shoulder while the kids shout answers at him. You can almost SEE his little mind going, trying to pick the best answer that is being shouted to him (among the answers was “20:35… CHRIS… 20:35!” Idiots). And it hits me. The Mad Pooper looks like he is on the Price is Right. And I imagine “The Mad Pooper” written on his name tag and I nearly pitch a fit I’m laughing so hard. By myself. In a room of 5 year olds that don’t speak my language. It was great.

On a semi-related note: I have to teach the kids two Halloween songs. One has to be the “Trick or Treat Song” (yah, as in “smell my feet”) which is fun, because all the teachers are teaching them that the last line is “just the size of Montreal”. These little bastards have NO idea what the eff “Montreal” means. The other song we get to pick individually, class by class. So I’m teaching my kids the theme song to Scooby Doo. Already funny. But… it gets better… I wish I had a camcorder… the little buggers have a dance that they do to it. HA HA HA HA HA!!! I LOVE IT!

You ARE just saying that to scare me… right?


Here is today’s rumour amongst the kids – that there is a typhoon hitting the west coast of Korea (yup Moms, I’m on the west coast) tomorrow. I don’t know if it is bullshit or not. Apparently China is getting really bad weather, and it was windy as a mother-effer here today (although, not as windy as it gets in Kamloops) (although there aren’t as many buildings in Kamloops to block the wind as there is here). For now I will bring my umbrella tomorrow and let you all know. Hopefully it is really bad and the power goes out and we can all go home. Hopefully the power does not go out while I am at physio and I get trapped in the Coffin of Sand. What a lame and ironic way to die.

Speaking of the Coffin, I’m still going to physio, and will talk to the doctor this Saturday. Also, I will be getting more xrays that day so hopefully I can do a full update. My back is sore today, but I blame Andrea and her bloody Tae-Bo that we did yesterday. I HATE Billy Banks. Ass. This last time we did it, we started talking back to the video. Billy (if you don’t know, he is the retard that leads on the video) (if you don’t know what Tae-Bo is: good on you)… anyway, Billy says “Okay, so when you do squats your stomach should be connected to your knees”, and Frances says “What the hell… my STOMACH should be connected to my KNEES?!?” (She hates him too, I think). I pipe up and remind her that Billy Banks is an ACTOR not a DOCTOR. It is fun because we all suck and all hate him and laugh a lot.

I bought a fish today. I figure if there is to be a typhoon, I may get trapped in my apartment and need an alternative water source (I’m always thinking, Moms). So now I have the fish bowl of water. I named him 참치 which is “Chamchi” or “Tuna” for you English-speaking folks. He likes me. He is blue. His rocks are yellow. I thought I killed Chamchi on the way home (too much wiggling) because he wouldn’t get the hell up off the bottom of his cup. But now he is in my bowl-of-alternative-water-source-in-case-of-typhoon and swimming his wee fish ass off. Go Chamchi!

Julie emailed today and brought up a good point. She said that I have mentioned drinking (a lot) of Korean beer, but not if it is good or not. Thank you, Jules. Excellent question. It is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. On par with a Molson, Coors, etc. And for $2 a pint, after 6 or 7 you do.not.care. what the hell the effing beer tastes like. JUST BRING ME MORE BEER FOR TWO DOLLARS. DO EET. I still haven’t tried pure Soju, but I will let you know what that is like when I taste it (if it doesn’t kill me).

The water-fixer-guy is coming tomorrow. At 7:00am. Assholes. That is what I wanted to do in the middle of the week on the longest possible day (work until 7:30pm) – get up EVEN EARLIER. Rock on.

Original Comments:

Erin wrote (on 07/09/05):
  1. Yes there’s a typhoon coming
  2. School might be cancelled (mine never is)
  3. Don’t climb on your roof during the typhoon to fix an errant roof tile and don’t bother trying to catch the train home because they won’t be running
  4. Have a beer and listen to the rain

>First day and the new apartment


The new job

I need to start by saying this: my dreams are haunted by the voices of children saying “Jodi Teacher… Jodi Teacher… Jodi Teacher help…. Jodi Teacher finished…. Jodi Teacher I can no do…”. Haunted.

Yesterday was the first day of teaching, and seeing as how I lived and all the children lived, I think I did okay. Don’t know if the little buggers learned anything or had any fun, but they lived.

I start the days teaching kindergarten. Firstly, this is nothing like our kindergarten and secondly, everything is done in 15 minute increments (even math) so if you have the attention span of a gnat, this is the work for you. These kids are so smart. They all know their alphabet, they are starting to read, they can do math and can converse. Now, you are probably thinking… I could do that in kindergarten. Not like this. And not in an EFFING FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Try this: add trois and cinq. See? I mean, you can do it, but you have to think about it for a second. And you aren’t FIVE years old. These kids rule. And they are really cute. And just so you know on my first day one of them got a nosebleed. Just because that is fun to do to the new teacher.

Kindergarten is mostly the kids saying “Jodi Teacher” over and over and over again to get my attention, and Jodi Teacher saying “Yes yes yes… yes… now sit down. Sit. Is that how we sit in our chairs? Look everyone how nicely Grace is sitting… can everyone sit like Grace? Now if you can all walk to the bathroom without screaming or running everyone can have a sticker.” These kids are obsessive-compulsive sticker-collectors. It is insane, but it works. So does taking them away if they act like little bastards. So I teach these wee monkeys from 10:00am until 2:30 every day with an hour off for lunch.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I teach three classes in the afternoon, ending at 7:00pm (remember I start at 10:00am so it ain’t bad). These guys are coming to LCI (the school I work at) in order to do extra practice. Poor bastards. You can see how tired they are sometimes so it is important to keep their attention. They are really smart though and it is cool to teach them stuff. My five o’clock yesterday read a story about Alexander Graham Bell. It was interesting to try and explain what “inventors” do. There is so much English in my head that is just there and I don’t know what the meaning is. Inventor was easy compared to explaining “still”… as in “My family is still in Korea”. I feel like saying “It means… you know… “still”. As in “they are STILL there”. Still.” Poor kids, they’ve got an idiot teaching them who is seriously considering becoming a practicing alcoholic (sorry moms, but beer is cheaper than Pepsi so what’s a girl to do??) I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I got to run home and get ready to move into my new house (that is why no blog yesterday).

The new apartment (pictures coming soon!)

It isn’t as bad as I thought. It is like a dorm room, not a prison cell. I was worried because people kept saying “you have the smallest apartment” (which I do) but it isn’t that bad. And besides, it is just me. If I had a roommate or a pet it would be hell on earth, but I don’t, so I like it. Another teacher at the school (who is a wealth of information and has a wicked-fun attitude) named Amelia lives upstairs and is in the biggest apartment. I checked it out and it is three times the size of mine. But I’m not fussed, even Amelia says she does most of her stuff in the one room anyway. So I’m not all that concerned about the size. What does concern me is how dirty the shit was.

I’ve seen dirty and this wasn’t the worst. But it was close. I got in there at 7:30pm, and cleaned until 2:00am. This is the best part. Please remember that this is a one-room place that isn’t even 300 square feet. In those four hours, all I did was the following:

  • Make the bed
  • Clean the fridge (and it is a little fridge. Made by Samsung. But fucking everything here is made by Samsung, including the plug in my bathroom sink and my gas range.)
  • Clean the floor and wall behind the fridge. And then cleaning up my blood from the floor because I stepped in glass.
  • Bag up the “left behinds” (from the last teacher)
  • Wipe out the wardrobe and hang up /some/ clothes (I’m not fully unpacked yet…)
  • Wipe out the medicine cabinet
  • Scrape the soap off of the soap holder

That’s it. And that is how long it took. Oh, and I vacuumed out the vents in the a/c because it was also gross. GROSS GROSS GROSS. But it is starting to come together. I should have the internet at home early next week, so I will be available for chatting more often. A few people have asked for my mailing address, and I was waiting until I moved. Now that I have moved, I learn that the best place to send shit is the school (duh). So here is Jodi Teacher’s address in Korea:

6 FL. GARAM B/D 1084-14

I have a cell phone too, but it is in Korean and I can’t figure it out. If it were to ring, I could answer it though. If you leave voicemail, may the Lord help ya ’cause I can’t. I did figure out how to get into voicemail (same as you do here)… but I don’t have the four digit code I need and I’m going to wait at least one more week to ask the Korean teachers (I hate that I have to bug them every time I need any little thing). Anyhoo… here is my number: 010 3980 0523.

The new job – Day 2

I’m too tired to type about day two. The wee bastards tried to get me to quit today. It was all about a battle to see where the boundaries are. I don’t know if I’m winning, but once again we all made it through the day alright (well, alive at least). I didn’t have afternoon classes today so I was done by 2:30 (sweet). Now I’m going to Lotte Mart to pick up more cleaning shit and tackling the kitchen cupboards. Tomorrow is Friday here, and we all get to work late. But I’m promised that everyone goes out crazy-style Friday nights and I’m looking forward to it.

Keep in touch… getting emails from everyone is keeping me sane. The people here are really, really great but not as great as you guys (of course). Let me know what’s shaking with you.