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fitbit: 11 – 17 June 2012

Each week I get a lovely newsletter from fibit with my weekly stats, and I thought I would share some of them here.

I managed to take 57,787 steps last week, which is actually down from my average. That’s a total of 40.80km… which doesn’t include the weekend when I forgot to wear the damned thing. Not too shabby.

I don’t entirely trust my calories in vs out… I don’t record on the weekends so it isn’t accurate. However, it does tell me that my weight is down 2.6kg. Woot! It was back up a bit this Monday (which I expected), but as long as it is moving down overall, I’m happy.

The most disturbing stat this week is my sleep. My average sleep duration last week was 3 hours and 36 minutes. YIKES. On average I was awakened FIFTEEN times.

I haven’t been sleeping well (stress, innit?) but it is a wee bit shocking to see just how badly. Sleep is such an important part of your overall health (physical as well as emotional and mental) so I think I’m going to have to focus on this metric a bit more. I slept well over the weekend (mmmm…. lazy lie ins) but Sunday night and last night (Monday) I could not shut down. I think a week of regular bedtimes, wakeup times and perhaps some melatonin might do me some good. As would winning the lottery… that would kill loads of my stress and I sleep better in a hammock on the beach anyway. Haha.

What are you trying to tell me, brain?

Did I get enough sleep last night?

Probably not.  But since when have I ever gotten enough sleep?

My moms says I’ve had insomnia since birth; I was an impossible baby to get to sleep right from birth. I liked to stay up. I wouldn’t nap.

I believe in the Arcade Fire lyric: “Sleeping is giving in… no matter what the time is.”

And there have been plenty of mornings where I’ve been in anguish because I haven’t slept the night before (whether thanks to my insomnia or thanks to my lifestyle).  But I think the pain this morning was something different. I am carrying a bit of a sleep debt right now, but not as badly as I have before.

This isn’t me not wanting to get up because I need more sleep: This is me not wanting to get up and go to work.

When my alarm went off I despairingly cried out, “No. Please no.”  And on the heels of that actually thought, “At least it’s Sunday, I can go back to sleep.”  Much as I wish that was true, my mind quickly realised that it wasn’t (my alarm doesn’t go off on Sundays) and then I thought, “At least it is nearly the end of the week.”

No. No it’s not. It is Wednesday.  Wednesday – smack dab in the middle of the week with the work-free weekend still three (counting today) painful days away.

And I have to wonder: Do I really want to wake up this way every weekday? And if it is only the weekdays that make me feel like this… is it time to change what I am doing during the week?

>Sleep statistics for 20 – 21 Jan

>Even I’m bored of looking at these on my blog. I’m going to keep using the app, but I’m going to keep the results to myself. That is all.

Went to bed / woke up: 22:54 / 07:15
Total time: 8h 20m
Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.
My sleep graph for the entire night:

>Sleep statistics for 19 – 20 Jan

>Now this looks better! Like how a normal person sleeps, despite working until 9:30 and watching CSI until after 11pm.

Went to bed / woke up: 23:27 / 06:51
Total time: 7h 24m
Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.
My sleep graph for the entire night:

>Sleep statistics for 18 – 19 Jan

>Guess how stressful my Monday was?  I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t shut down my mind.

Went to bed / woke up: 00:39 / 06:48
Total time: 6h 09m
Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.
My sleep graph for the entire night:

>Sleep statistics for 17 – 18 Jan

>Sunday, bloody Sunday! Why can I never sleep well on a Sunday night? That’s a mighty irregular graph, yo.

Went to bed / woke up: 23:12 / 07:15
Total time: 8h 02m
Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.
My sleep graph for the entire night:

>Sleep statistics for 14 – 15 Jan

>Went to bed / woke up: 23:04 / 06:56
Total time: 7h 51m
Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.
My sleep graph for the entire night:

This was a much deeper sleep than last night. It takes me so long to get there though! And why am I waking up around 5am? Maybe I need less sleep than I think..

>Sleep statistics for 13 – 14 Jan

>This is interesting. I mean… obviously I new I wasn’t going to get much sleep because I went to be so late.  What I’m finding interesting is how badly I slept.  Granted, I worked until 00:30… the graph seems indicative that even in my sleep last night I couldn’t turn my poor brain off…

Went to bed / woke up: 00:41 / 06:34
Total time: 5h 53m

Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.

My sleep graph for the entire night:

Not much deep sleep in that one. Bad news bears.

>Sleep statistics for 12 – 13 Jan

>Went to bed / woke up: 22:12 / 07:00
Total time: 8h 47m

Analysis made by Sleep Cycle.

My sleep graph for the entire night:


>I don’t sleep very well. Never have. And I’m game to learn more about how I sleep (or rather, how I don’t sleep) and to find new ways of sleeping better that don’t include giving up coffee and/or sleeping in on the weekends. There are just some things The Captain won’t do, yo.

I’ve downloaded an app for my iPhone that uses the thinger in the stuff (sorry about the technical jargon there) to sense how much I’m moving around at night. After a few days, when it gets the hang of my sleep cycles, it will start to wake me up within 30 minutes of my alarm setting when I’m closest to wakefulness.

Is it an exact science? Like fun it is. Of course not! But I am intrigued by the idea. I had toyed with buying a similar alarm… but they are like, £200. This bad-boy cost me just 59p. AWESOMENESS! And even though it isn’t exactly accurate, it may give me an idea of how much I’m actually not sleep versus how much I’m actually dreaming about not sleeping (which happens to me often, I’m sure).

And because the app will email me the results, I thought it would be interesting (for me) to capture them on the old bloggy-blog.  Now the world can know how well I’m sleeping (or not)… and my moms can lecture me when she sees that some school nights I don’t actually go to bed until real late.

Not to fear: I’ll probably get bored of this quickly enough. In the meantime, bring on the sleep graphs!