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>One more sleep


Even though going to Thailand has been in the works for weeks now, it hasn’t felt real. It is starting to feel real now that I am packing bags and only have one more sleep until I get on the damned plane. And I’m a wee bit nervous. How did I go from never going anywhere to going everywhere?? This is craziness…

Not much has been going on this week except my absolute sickness and working. I even took a day off work, I was that freaking sick. I’m still not better, but I’m still getting on the damned plane. I don’t know how bad I would have to be before I would miss this trip… flesh-eating disease. Maybe.

Last week, a package came from my moms (thanks moms!) with many treats in it… I’m so happy about the cinnamon gum I’m giddy. But the best was a present addressed to “Jodi Teacher and her Monkeys… from Santa”. The kids went, well… apeshit. It was hilarious. They kept saying “Jodi Teacher, you writing? You writing, right?” And I kept assuring them that no, no… it wasn’t me. That “Jodi Teacher’s Mommy” said Santa left the present at her house by mistake and she had just sent it along for him. They bought it.


Christmas is fun with a group of people who still believe in all of it. The monkeys have been crazy this week – and every once in a while they break out in “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which is sung mostly phonetically.


The present ended up being “magic trees” that we could put together. Fun! The kids had a great time, and I took a bunch of pictures. They are at Flickr, if you want to see happy monkeys. I also took pictures of my PK (afternoon) kids. They can be cute sometimes too. I have to give them all tests tomorrow afternoon and I feel like a Scrooge. Merry fucking Christmas, bastards – write your damned test on the last day before holidays (insert evil laughter here).

So… I won’t be online until after December 31st. I WILL be on the beach with a beverage in one hand and a novel in the other. Aaron promised we can go look at monkeys (real monkeys, not Korean children). I should have lots of pictures (of MONKEYS) when I get back.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holiday is happy, safe, and is spent with people you want to spend time with (I mean, as best you can without me there with you). And because virtual kisses just aren’t the same, consider this my IOU for a big, sloppy, drunken New Years Eve kiss, which you can redeem the next time you see me (no matter when or where that happens to be). Cheers!

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Jeanine wrote (on 27/12/05):
Merry Christmas Jodi!!! Miss ya and hope you have an awesome wicked trip!
Thanks for the card too. A little bit of news for you….Christa and Randy are expecting a baby in Aug 2006 and Brynn and Matt got engaged on her birthday! Lots of changed coming up. Nothing really new in my life. Bought a car last weekend, so I will be working extra hard now! Haha. Talk soon, be safe and drink lots, J

>Flickr tags


I was just farting around Flickr, and checked out the key “tags” that discribe my pictures that I have uploaded. Here they are:

changdeokgung farm halloween jodis korea life mayham monkeys more palace pottery suji sunday walk

Yup. That’s my life in a nutshell.

>Blogomatic 6000

>I’m a blog machine. I’ve had things to tell everyone, but I’m a lazy asshole. Now, super-blog. And then no blog. And super-blog again. Maybe. Anyhoo…

Last weekend I went into Seoul a couple of times. We take the bus in, and… here is the cool thing. It is only a $1.50 to ride the bus for an hour. And it is a nice bus, like a Greyhound. (Okay, okay… the Greyhound isn’t exactly NICE, but it kicks a city-bus’ ass. Seriously. If a Greyhound bus and a city bus were in the ring, the Greyhound bus would slaughter the city bus in the first round). From where I live in Suji to Seoul is about an hour (so from about Langley into downtown Vancouver) and it is STILL only a buck fiddy. Sweet!

This last time I was at the market with Aaron-Teacher, we saw a Korean celeb. ‘Course, we didn’t know it, so we weren’t nearly excited about it as the Koreans were (and they were freakin’ excited, I tells ya). Turns out his name is Andre Kim and he is a famous fashion designer here in Korea. Who knew? I thought he was an ugly mother-effer, but that’s just me. Creepy, if nothing else. I’ve added a picture so you can decide for yourselves.

Speaking of pictures, I will get new apartment pics up soon. Haven’t forgotten, just… you know. Busy. Also, no details yet, but I do have a flight booked to Thailand for Christmas. YES YES YES!!! I’m going to beach it up for an entire week. Sweet!

>New pictures on Flickr

I finally uploaded more pictures. I walked around Sunday, took a ton of pictures. Here are three of them.



So I’m not really in Seoul… I’m in Suji. Suji is sort of a suburb of Seoul and its own city at the same time. Not the way Burnaby is a city on its own though… it is different. And the weirdest thing is that cab drivers in Seoul don’t know where Suji is (a bad scene if you are trying to get home drunk… imagine having your cab stop to ask another cabbie how to get you home and YOU don’t know where the fuck home is…). This area is really new and most of the buildings are less than 25 years old. It is also a very affluent neighbourhood so it is pretty clean too. However, the smog is the shits. These pictures of the buildings and the sky were taken today around 5pm, so it was still daylight.

I took the picture of the guy farming because he is doing that right down town. I took that picture standing beside a 6 lane expressway (that I have to cross – with a streetlight safely mom, I promise – every day to go to work). There are little vegetable gardens like that all over the place. It is really wierd and kind of cool at the same time. That is one thing I will give Korea, they are using their space well. They garden wherever they can and they build vertically instead of horizontally.

>Lazy entry today


I’m feeling too lazy to type much, but if you check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/luckybuttons76/ you can see some photos finally.

Finally have the internet at home…