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Happy Friday from Korea!

There are some things I loved and have found I still love about Korea. As my first week draws to a close, I’d like to share a couple of those things.

Say Cheese!: Part One

Tomorrow I’ll be going to have some medical tests done (more on that later) in order to get my alien registration card (which I need in order to get a Korean bank account). I had to get four passport sized photos taken tonight so I could bring them with me to the hospital.

There is a place that does this on the basement floor of the Emart across the street from my house. I just had to go there, point at the size of photo that I needed, and we were good to go.

Before picking up the camera, the girl taking the photo tucked my hair behind my ears for me and then brought my hair back forward. She straightened any strays, got my face in the right position, and said “okay” before she took the pictures. It was so sweet I think it may have given me diabetes. That sort of care and attention to how you look for a “passport photo” definitely wouldn’t have happened back home!

Say Cheese!: Part Two

I decided to pick up some pizza while I was waiting for my photos as a “Hooray I Survived My First Week” treat. There is a Papa Johns right near the Emart and, as I was looking for the familiar, that’s what I opted for. I was hoping they would have pizzas like “home” (either London or Canada) and their menu was looking promising.

There was a pizza called something like “Potato Pizza for the Irish” (it definitely had both “potato” and “Irish” in the name) and, happily, they had a page with a description of the toppings in English. I love me a pizza with potato… but this one also had sweetcorn. I’m not a fan. Thankfully last time I was here I learned how to say “don’t give me any corn” in Korean (I learn all the important stuff). So I pointed at the picture of the pizza I wanted, the size, and then said “don’t give me any corn” in Korean. She responded in Korean, I said (in Korean – like I said, I know the important stuff) that I don’t understand Korean. She said something else in Korean, smiling the entire time.

She then turned to the cook and said something to him. He responded and she went over to him saying (I’m guessing at the translation here), “No, no. The Irish. Regular. Sheesh” in Korean. Then she looks at me, rolls her eyes gesturing at him and says, “My husband”. IN ENGLISH.

In English! After she let me stumble around for ages trying to order in Korean. So I said, “You speak English!” And, of course, her response was “No, no. A little. No.”

She was adorable. Huge smiles and we laughed together. I missed that too… how they’d let you try and get on in Korean and then just respond in English. And then tell you that they don’t know how to speak English.

Also, pizza comes all dolled up wrapped in a ribbon with sweet pickles and dipping sauce. Pretty awesome. It’s a Good Friday.


>Levi’s Wave Advertising

>On our walk through East London on Sunday, Tyran and I saw this billboard on Old Street. It was already gone today.

>Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So, London got hit with the worst snowfall they’ve seen ’round these here parts in 18 years. Pretty exciting! The transportation system, whether underground or above it, is nearly completely disabled. We went to grab some food at a local grocers this morning and it was packed with people as though supplies may actually run low.

Yet for all the disruption, the snow is very beautiful and it is the most snow I’ve seen since Christmas 2004. I’ll be posting pictures on Flickr soon.

>Photodiculous phacebook

>I don’t understand why there are so many pictures of me on Facebook, when I really don’t like to have my picture taken. And I do understand that I can untag them if I want… and it is tempting at times (there are many, many unflattering pictures). But unless it was so bad that it made me cry, I don’t think I would untag it. Just because a picture isn’t flattering, it doesn’t mean that it is an inaccurate portrayal of how I look right now. Mostly I get bunged up about photos only because I hate how chubby I’ve been looking in them lately… but damn it! I am chubby lately. If I want to stop looking chubby in pictures, I should get my ass exercising and eat better, not untag a bunch of photos that are not exactly pretty. Now that I’m thinking about it… I’m pretty sure I’ve always been chubby. Hmmm… must find some way of dealing with that that doesn’t involve eating healthy and/or exercise. Where is that magic pill I’ve been waiting for??

>Lazy weekend

>I realise now that I missed a few days of blogging in there. Oopsie.

On Friday I went out with people from work for some beers and didn’t get home until late.

I did nothing during the day on Saturday, so I don’t really have an excuse. That night I went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday in Covent Garden. I didn’t even leave the house until nearly nine and was home by midnight, so it wasn’t a crazy night but I did have some laughs.

Today I’ve been semi-lazy but also productive. The house is clean and I’ve read part one of “Performance Drivers”. It’s a book about work, I think. It is interesting, but not as interesting as laying around and watching Family Guy. Which I may do more of once I am done blogging.

Oh, and I took pictures of my apartment today and put them up on Flickr. I would have taken more but my apartment is so small that a dozen photos capture it and then some.


>We’ve decided to decorate our part of the office with pictures that we have taken. This is cool because a few of us have travelled a lot, and a few of us have a lot of pictures. I’ve been looking through mine… and I really do wish I had a better camera. The quality on a lot of them are really bad. I’m having trouble as well just picking a couple of photos… it has been really interesting having a good look through them tonight. I think I’m going to bring too many and let the others decide.

>Fickle Flickr

>I suppose my bad for trying to batch upload 200+ pictures at once, but Flickr is being a whiny bitch about uploading. I still have 149 pictures to put up there, but there are getting there, peeps. So if you want to check them out, head over to http://www.flickr.com/photos/luckybuttons76 to see my day with Caryn playing tourist a few weeks ago (pictures of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, among others) and my day today, playing alone in the cemetary.

“Playing alone in the cemetary”. Man, I sound sick in the head. It was pretty though, I promise. The pictures don’t do it justice.