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First follow-up: Letter to my MP

If you read the earlier post of my letter, you probably deduced I’m one of these people that has difficulty asking for help, which is why I made my request about everyone suffering at the hands of the UKBA, not just me. From all the feedback I have received (thanks!) I should have asked for Rushanara Ali to deal with MY case specifically. Oops.

But there is good news. I called her office today and spoke with a few very helpful people. The first got me through right away to a Senior Caseworker who was extremely understanding, patient and helpful.

She has said that it is possible that Rushanara may be able to do two things in light of my email and subsequent phone call: Contact the UKBA about my case specifically (and contact from MPs = priority) AS WELL AS ask the Immigration Minister my questions.

How awesome is that? The caseworker emailed me immediately with a form to complete with more of my details. I have done so. Now to try and keep calm whilst I await their response.

And thank you again to all who had feedback about the letter (especially @ifenn and Hemma’s mysterious “friend”). It really helped me focus my request when I called their office.


Props to Shadow Minister Chris Bryant

You know what feels good? When you write a Minister and they write back. Like, immediately. His response to my email to him:

I’m afraid to say that UKBA will only reply to any correspondence from your own MP, so there is not much I can do other than raise the issues in general.

You know what? That’s good enough for me. It isn’t his fault that the UKBA will only reply to correspondence from my own MP (let’s hope my MP is awesome and will fight for me). It means a lot that he personally responded (within minutes) and is continuing to support those having issues with this system.

Letter to my MP

Nearly every person who has come across my story has suggested that I contact my local MP for support, advice, and assistance.

My MP Rushanara Ali has a simple webform for submitting enquires, so I kept mine as brief and simple as possible. I will also be sending her office a paper letter with more details as well as a giving them a call.

Here’s the letter I have submitted:

Hi Rushanara and team,

I am reaching out to you because I desperately need your help: Due to internal errors made by the UKBA, my application to renew my visa has been refused. Any advice or assistance from your office would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I would like some answers from Parliament regarding how many people have been effected by these exact same issues and why they are doing nothing to rectify it.

Specifically, I would like answers to the following questions:

 1. How many applications made by post to the UKBA are deemed “invalid” due to payment processing issues?

2. Why is the workflow of who is handling applications from receipt through payment to review and decision not documented?

3. Why is the UKBA incapable of requesting an alternative form of payment, much as they would if an applicant had been present in their office? Why are they punishing those who are applying by post?

 The specifics around my situation have been detailed here: http://wp.me/p1CyWc-ub 

 I will also follow up this email with a detailed letter and a call to your office tomorrow. As I am sure you can imagine, I am desperate to get this situation resolved. In the meantime, everyone has suggested I contact my MP for support. I sincerely hope that I can count on yours, Rushanara.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. 

With kindest regards,