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>Marry Me

>I promise that I’m not going to simply fill this space with videos, but I came across this one today and wanted to share it. Youtube is usually so full of… well, “crap” seems like a nice way of putting it that when I find something that isn’t “crap” it makes me happy.

If you like it, see it in again in high quality

I love the little girl in this and the little boy’s shirts. There is something about tone of the light in this movie that makes me hyper-nostalgic for summers as a kid.


>Yup, that’s pretty much how I remember it too

>I’ve seen Star Wars. All of them. I’m sure of it. But for some reason, I have trouble keeping the story straight in my head and remembering all the details (might have something to do with how delayed I am). So if I was forced at gunpoint to reconstruct the original trilogy, I hate to confess it would sound pretty much like this.

I probably shouldn’t confess to such a thing. Makes me less of a nerd than I like to pretend to be. The video above, however, is very very funny and kudos to the people who made it.