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>Captain Turbotastic gives thanks (sort of) to Professor Green

>Brendan finds it necessary to send me news clippings every once in a while. I’m not sure why… perhaps he is worried that I don’t learn as much when I read articles in the form of electronic light instead of in the form of good old-fashion ink and paper. Whatever his motives, every once in a while I received an unmarked envelope that is filled with a potpourri of articles. Some of them I’m sure he has sent because he thinks I’ll be interested in them. Others I believe he sends because I should be interested in them.

When I told Brendan that I was thinking about blogging about some of my reactions to his articles, he insisted on getting kudos (or at least mention) for being the one to bring the articles to my attention in the first place.

So now we know Brendan’s real motive in sending those articles: Fame. He has always secretly hoped that I would write about his articles in my blog and that would herald his arrival on the interwebs scene, perhaps initiating some sort of new “Brendan Meme”.

Chump. No one reads my blog. If you want to see your name on the interwebs, start updating your own blog again. I’m tired of it sitting there, defunct and forgotten. Poor Brendan Blog.

Anyway, so there will be a few entries in the near future that are referencing articles. Yes, they will all be referring to the articles that dear, sweet Brendan has sent to me in order to brighten my day and make me just that little bit smarter. So here’s your mention, B. Don’t expect me to do it again.

Now I have TWO meal options – toasted or not toasted

>This is a slightly delayed thank you, but it must be done because my meal options have been so greatly expanded.

Amazon wraps the heck out of a prezzie.

No longer do I have a choice only between bread and bread that is burned black on one side and still bread on the other.

See those wires at the top – bun warmers. Oh yah!

No, no… now I have the delicious option of burning my toast on both sides of the bread simultaneously.

Thanks Mike! You kick serious ass, my friend. It was such a wonderful suprise… first to get a surprise Christmas package and second to be able to toast bread without any hassle! Hoorah!

>This is why I miss the wee buggers

>How could I not? Here is a recent email from Jessica (the same one who asked me how to be popular).

Dear Jodi teacher

HI,teacher! I suppose you are very busy. Now my vacation is coming end soon! I’m pleased! Bye! Hace a nice day!(you are my siruis.You who is siruis,don’t you? The man who is harry’s godfather,harry always send owls to him,That’s why you are my siruis.Haha^^Bye!



Original Comments:

Carey wrote (on 27/09/08):
I can’t wait to hear all about your moms visit and portugal!

>How freaking cute is this?


I still get emails once in a while from the kiddos, and it makes me insanely happy. I need to be reminded that they remember me. Anyhoo, here is a recent one from Jessica, who I taught when she was 9-10 years old…

Dear Jodi teacher

I’m afraid that i didn’t email you very often.I’m realty sorry. i was too tired doing homework and dealing with my betrayal friends. One of my best friends betrayed me in very awful way so I’m outraged. I;m not that popular among my class.It’s a kind of worrisome.

Are you watching Olmypic? It’s fabulous. Korea is extremely excellent at swimming, pencing, Archery, and so on.Korea is leading third! I wish Korea could beat that nasty China.I think judgement was quite unjustice for Handball men.Bye then! I’ll mail you son!(could you tell me how to be popular?And watch Olmypic! Have fun! Bye!



First, how freaking smart is she? That genius vocabulary (she’d be 12 now) is alllll thanks to me. The spelling mistakes and such: not me. Anyway, I also think it is freaking cute that she asked me for advice on how to be popular. CUTE! This is what I told her…

I am very sorry to hear that one of your best friends has betrayed you. That is terrible news. I feel very sad for you. Any betrayal is very painful, but it is more painful if a friend does it.

Jessica, I wish I could tell you how to be popular. I could say what grown-ups always say, “Be yourself”. And although that is a very good thing to do, I can’t promise you that it will make you popular. I can tell you a true story though. I was NOT popular when I was a little girl either! I worried more about being a good girl and doing all my homework, so I did not have very many friends. But you know what, Jessica? Now I have many, many, many friends! You are very special and a very good friend. One day you will also have many friends. I know it is hard, but you might have to wait for a time when there are people around you that are good enough and special enough to be your friends. Then you will be popular. Try to be brave and wait for them.

I don’t know if it is the right advice to give her, but it was the most honest thing I could think to say. She really is such a sweet, smart little girl, I hope it works her.

>And On the Brighter Side

>I just wanted to say thank you to Hoolicia for the lovely postcard. It made me smile and my horrid day got much better! Thanks so much! I love you and miss you very much.

Original Comments:

Holly Miller wrote (on 01/02/08):

welcome. xo. h.

>One more sleep


Even though going to Thailand has been in the works for weeks now, it hasn’t felt real. It is starting to feel real now that I am packing bags and only have one more sleep until I get on the damned plane. And I’m a wee bit nervous. How did I go from never going anywhere to going everywhere?? This is craziness…

Not much has been going on this week except my absolute sickness and working. I even took a day off work, I was that freaking sick. I’m still not better, but I’m still getting on the damned plane. I don’t know how bad I would have to be before I would miss this trip… flesh-eating disease. Maybe.

Last week, a package came from my moms (thanks moms!) with many treats in it… I’m so happy about the cinnamon gum I’m giddy. But the best was a present addressed to “Jodi Teacher and her Monkeys… from Santa”. The kids went, well… apeshit. It was hilarious. They kept saying “Jodi Teacher, you writing? You writing, right?” And I kept assuring them that no, no… it wasn’t me. That “Jodi Teacher’s Mommy” said Santa left the present at her house by mistake and she had just sent it along for him. They bought it.


Christmas is fun with a group of people who still believe in all of it. The monkeys have been crazy this week – and every once in a while they break out in “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which is sung mostly phonetically.


The present ended up being “magic trees” that we could put together. Fun! The kids had a great time, and I took a bunch of pictures. They are at Flickr, if you want to see happy monkeys. I also took pictures of my PK (afternoon) kids. They can be cute sometimes too. I have to give them all tests tomorrow afternoon and I feel like a Scrooge. Merry fucking Christmas, bastards – write your damned test on the last day before holidays (insert evil laughter here).

So… I won’t be online until after December 31st. I WILL be on the beach with a beverage in one hand and a novel in the other. Aaron promised we can go look at monkeys (real monkeys, not Korean children). I should have lots of pictures (of MONKEYS) when I get back.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holiday is happy, safe, and is spent with people you want to spend time with (I mean, as best you can without me there with you). And because virtual kisses just aren’t the same, consider this my IOU for a big, sloppy, drunken New Years Eve kiss, which you can redeem the next time you see me (no matter when or where that happens to be). Cheers!

Original Comments:

Jeanine wrote (on 27/12/05):
Merry Christmas Jodi!!! Miss ya and hope you have an awesome wicked trip!
Thanks for the card too. A little bit of news for you….Christa and Randy are expecting a baby in Aug 2006 and Brynn and Matt got engaged on her birthday! Lots of changed coming up. Nothing really new in my life. Bought a car last weekend, so I will be working extra hard now! Haha. Talk soon, be safe and drink lots, J

>Shout out to Mike and my Moms


HOORAY! I’ve finally gotten mail! I don’t feel like such an unloved knob.

First, thanks to Mike who was kind-hearted enough to send me a copy of the expansion pack for the Sims. I’m on top of wasting some time with that. I just hope he remembers (ahem) to send along Civ4, because I am going APE FUCKING SHIT waiting for it.

And thanks to my Moms for sending along such a nice card. For no reason except she is a mom and does cool things like that. I miss you too, and your card made me smile.

For the rest of you wankers (Stu, I’m specifically referring to you and the fact that you have all my effing Gameboy Games), I know it has been a while since you’ve seen my addy in Korea, so I’m posting it again for ya:


6 FL. GARAM B/D 1084-14

Not that I’m expecting anything (EXCEPT MY EFFING GAMES, STUART). You could send me a note with your address on it. That way, I get mail and look cool… and I will send you something back. Probably. Just share the love people. Share the love.

>J9 rulz


Today the greatest thing happened. Yes, even greater than the $2 pint I just finished. I GOT MAIL. MAIL! Hooray! This was my first mail from Canada. Thank you Jeanine!! Jeanine sent a very nice card with pictures taken the night we girls went out for my birthday. FUN! Now all you have to do Jeanine is send me a guide on how to teach my monkeys to behave like children. Feel free to email it.

Thanks again, Jeanine. You made my day. I heart J-bear!