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Another blog post about not blogging? AWESOME.

>I marvel these days at my own laziness when it comes to updating my blog. I don’t know why I don’t do it more: My blog posts make me happy (I get to talk about me and things I like) and they (potentially) make other people miserable (and now even more people may be inadvertently exposed to the toxic waste that is the outpouring of my anger and hatred thanks to Buzz) if they are foolish enough to read this drivel.

For awhile there I thought I would be more likely to “blog” more when I was stealing re-blogging interesting things that I found through RSS feeds and the like. But that was a trend that couldn’t last. Pfft. I mean, by the time I reformatted and effed around with how it looked and stuff… I might as well have written my own shit.

What’s my excuse this time? I actually have two. Both of them are whiny and weak, but I wouldn’t want to have legitimate excuses or anything.

First, work makes me tired these days. I’m busy. Too busy. It’s stressful and by the end of the day, it’s draining. I’m hoping that things will ease up, but for now… well, I’m tired when I get home. It takes every ounce of energy I have just to throw myself dramatically on my bed and turn on The Simpsons. If it wasn’t for my flatmate, I probably would never eat.

Second, I have “desk issues”. The issue? I have no desk at home. My computer lives on my dresser. I sit on a stool* to use it. It is an ergonomic nightmare. So I haven’t been too keen on sitting at my computer to do things like type.

I won’t make any promises to blog more or anything. I thought about making it my Lunar New Year resolution but it’s the Year of the Tiger, not the Year of Sitting Around on your Ass Typing Crap No One Wants to Read (although that is much funnier).  I do have some things that I’ve been meaning to write about (and I have to finish the stories!) so there may be a flurry (probably along the lines of a London snow flurry, which usually amounts to just seven lonely flakes but still warrants a severe weather warning) of blog activity. So look forward to at least seven blog posts over the next little while.

*heh heh. “stool”.

Someone’s out of shape… might be me

>Okay, I’m just kidding. It’s definitely me.

What brought about this revelation you might ask? It has nothing to do with my size (although it bloody should) or that I’ve been considering “pizza” a food group for the last few months. No, no. It has to do with the intense ache in my groin.

Well, not my groin (groin is just a funnier word). It is more the inside and back of my right thigh. I’m in pain, kids. I’m walking around like a gimpy old grandma. I should have a cane.

You know what I did to hurt myself? All I did to hurt myself? A few hours in the garden (I got scratched too – effing thorns!) and an hour playing Wii.

Yah, Wii. Screw you. I said I was out of shape! In pondering the pain brought on by relatively so little exercise I tried to recall the last time I exercised. Never mind the last time… I bet in the nearly two years I’ve lived in London I’ve only really-real exercised less than a dozen times.

Oh sure. I’ve joined the gym. I even went a couple of times. There was the week I was going to start running. I ran once. I bought a yoga mat and didn’t use it. An iPod shuffle for running. Didn’t run. And most recently I bought a Nintendo Wii so at least I would have to stand up to play video games.

I bought the Wii a few months ago whilst living in Aurghville while I still had something resembling a disposable income. I did play a few times, but it was so squishy in my room and the screen I was using so small that it wasn’t as fun as I had wanted.

Now I have a nice big lounge and thanks to Stefan and Caryn a screen that is bigger than the one on my phone. Last night Tyran and I set up the Wii and played for about an hour (thus some of the soreness today) and it was a lot of fun.

I don’t think that ultimately just goofing around with the Wii is going to constitute enough exercise to make up for two years of being a lazy sloth… but I’m hopeful that at least the yoga part will mean I don’t have to hobble around like a crippled geriatric the Monday after a single day of gardening.

>Job changes

>This has been a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I have only left the house to grab some pita bread and hummus. Although I am doing my (gag) laundry and the (choke) dishes are done, I’m still taking it pretty easy overall. Last weekend I didn’t even do my chores… I was hiding from life. I’m hoping now that things are a wee bit back on track, I won’t have to do that and my house won’t look like a pig sty.

So… about work. I’m done job hunting. A job came to me. Which makes me happy, because I hate freaking job hunting. I’m not sure it is going to work out quite yet, but I’m willing to give it a go.

I’ve been hired back at my old company (no, not for more money… it never was about the money) to do a very interesting job. If it works out the way it sounds like it could… this could rock. I’m working with the COO (not FOR the COO, WITH him) as a “Troubleshooter”. I’m going to help institute and enforce changes to policy and procedure within our company so that it can run properly and we can hit the growth targets that have been set. It sounds like it will be hard work, but that doesn’t worry me. I’m just happy that I’m not an assistant and my job doesn’t really distill down to “being someone’s bitch” any more. My resignation has not been fully revoked, just suspended, and there are a few rules in place so that I can escape if things are going the way I think they should.

I’ll keep posting about how it goes – this could be really exciting. There have been a couple of times last week – even at work – when I was nearly giddy about it. And if it doesn’t turn out the way I hope it will… I can always get back to the job hunt.

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I sooo want your business card…

Jodi Schneck


Moving… again


First, I would like to say that there was an entry for the last entry. But STUPID… okay look. The internet lost it. And I’m not retyping it. Because I am a lazy asshole.

Last night Veronica very gratiously invited us over to her house for wine and cheese (you know it is a bad situation when everyone was more excited about the damned cheese). And Veronica is leaving. And her place is much, much (no… MUCH) nicer than mine. So I asked today at work if I could move over there. That is affirmative, big buddy. So I’m moving in two weeks. Again. Bye-bye, ants.

Today the greatest thing happened. They opened a new restaurant two minutes from work. Not even two minutes. Two minutes includes the elevator ride. “New York Hot Dogs” (insert sound of glorious choir here). HOT FUCKING DOGS!! HOORAY! It was packed with whities today, let me tell you. I have finally learned where I can find white boys in Korea. Eating hotdogs. I took a picture of the opening because Korean’s have style for store openings. Please note that there are go-go dancers. And, and… this may be the greatest thing. They were playing a REMAKE of “Ice Ice Baby”. Not the original, but a remake. How can you not LOVE this country?

I went there twice today. I think it may be the greatest thing since the $2 pint.

>Lazy entry today


I’m feeling too lazy to type much, but if you check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/luckybuttons76/ you can see some photos finally.

Finally have the internet at home…