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>Grinchy McScroogerson

>Oh good! A seasonal rant and it isn’t even bloody December yet. Awesome.

Secret Santa blows a bag of dicks at the bus stop. Fact.

Somehow I get roped into this crap every year and I don’t know how to abstain without looking like the total asshole I am.  I don’t even like having to buy presents for people I like, let alone some random wiener I’m forced to work with.


I didn’t say I don’t like buying presents for people I like. In fact, I lurve buying presents for people I like. I thoroughly enjoy it… but like so many things in life, I enjoy it on my own terms. Buying birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s/etc/etc gifts is NOT as much fun as just randomly buying and giving someone a gift simply because you came across something rad that you really, really wanted them to have. I just don’t think that Hallmark, Jesus or anyone else should tell me that I’m obligated to give someone a gift on a specific day. Eff that, man. Eff that.


I have enjoyed Secret Santa exactly once. ONCE.  It was in Korea and I gave Amelia a puffy toilet seat with a Christmas tree on it. It was filled with love. But I only enjoyed it because:  a. Amelia and I saw that toilet seat in the Lotte Mart in November and I hoped with my whole heart then that I would draw someone cool for Secret Santa that would understand why I bought them a toilet seat, b. I got to give Amelia a puffy toilet seat with a Christmas tree on it and c. Amelia is made of awesome and I like buying her presents.

Most years I end up drawing someone I don’t really know and am forced to buy the most generic £10 gift I can just to receive the most generic £10 gift someone else could find and give to me anonymously. I would have rather have just taken that £10 and gone for lunch. Seriously.

And don’t pretend like it’s fun. Because it isn’t. It isn’t fun to shop for someone you don’t know. It’s an obligation. And it isn’t fun to pretend to be excited about a gift you don’t want from someone who doesn’t understand that £10 would buy a lot of pirate ninja stickers.

Another December where I’m feeling all grumpy pants. I wish that someone could turn that £10 wienerlicious gift into a plane ticket to my moms house for Christmas. Now THAT would be awesome.

PS: If you have an idea for what to get a work mate for Christmas for £10 (it doesn’t matter that you don’t know them, I don’t really know them either) then leave it in the comments. Thanks.

PPS: My workmates aren’t actually wieners. I’m just full of anger.

Now I have TWO meal options – toasted or not toasted

>This is a slightly delayed thank you, but it must be done because my meal options have been so greatly expanded.

Amazon wraps the heck out of a prezzie.

No longer do I have a choice only between bread and bread that is burned black on one side and still bread on the other.

See those wires at the top – bun warmers. Oh yah!

No, no… now I have the delicious option of burning my toast on both sides of the bread simultaneously.

Thanks Mike! You kick serious ass, my friend. It was such a wonderful suprise… first to get a surprise Christmas package and second to be able to toast bread without any hassle! Hoorah!

>Warning: Complaint post ahead


So, instead of going out with everyone at work for our Christmas party, I am at home in bed watching movies and nursing a 40 degree fever (that’s 104 degrees to you, moms). This blows. I don’t even feel THAT bad… just achy, cranky, and the blankets are hurting me. And my head hurts. And my throat. And my tummy. 😦

Add insult to injury that I worked all day feeling like crap so I wouldn’t feel guilty about going to the Christmas Party, and now I feel even crappier so I’m not going to the damned Christmas party.


Original Comments:

Erin wrote (on 17/12/05):
Poor Jodi pants!
Fevers suck and I sent all of November catching various flus and colds so I can comiserate!
We miss you and wil have net again on the 28th YAY getting angry does work sometimes.

>Nothing specific going on


But I thought I would write in my blog anyway. It will distract me from the Christmas cards I SHOULD be writing (shudder).

This week went by fairly quickly, although I’m pretty tired tonight for no good reason that I can ascertain. I skipped the gym and pissed around with Christmas music all night. Read another chapter in “Opening Skinner’s Box” (one more to go), played some guitar and now I’m wasting cyber-space with this entry.

This weekend I’m going to go back to the Technomart (why did someone take me there in the first place, I’m a technophile and was bound to go back) to by an iPod Nano. My goal is to get mine before Colin gets his. (ha ha) As long as they aren’t sold out, I may succeed. I’m just looking to be able to carry around more music ’cause I have to ride buses and subways more now than I did before. Also, I think it will make the plane ride to Thailand (whoo hoo!) more enjoyable (no offence, Aaron).

Things are still going well here in Korea. I’m not going crazy yet with homesickness. I mostly miss conversations with friends. And sushi. Oh, and my moms! But right now this feels pretty right, and I’m not sorry at all to be here. It feels like work and a vacation at the same time.

I also thought I should report on the old back… it is fine. I haven’t had any problems since I finished traction and the coffin and sand stint. I think it is helping that I go to the gym almost every day (except today. And weekends. Okay, at least four days a week) and I’m doing a lot of strengthening. When I first started going to the gym, I would be lucky to finish 15 sit-ups in a night. Now I can do 100 (not in a row, mind you). So, I am getting stronger. I’m glad too, because I’ll tell ya: that back shit scared me. I didn’t want to be a crippled old lady before I turned thirty (let us not contemplate how close to thirty I may or may not be at this time). That would have killed any chance of having grand times in Cougerville (a possibility) or MILFton (less of a possibility… I still don’t plan on having any kids), let alone being able to travel and run around doing… stuff. Whatever “stuff” might be. So, I’m happy to say the back is good.

I guess all is good. And nothing weird is happening. Or exciting (except Thailand is coming up). So, that is why no blogging. And now: Useless Blog. Sorry ’bout that. Just thought I would let you know that I’m still alright.

Original Comments:

Janikl wrote (on 08/12/05):
One of my friends just arrived from Thailand, and she said it was the most amazing and “different” places on Earth…consider yourself lucky that you`re going there!! I`m kinda jealous, hihi….Enjoy!! –Janik =)
PS. You should go check out the beautiful – phenomenal spot where the movie “Beach” was filmed….

and-errhea wrote (on 10/12/05):
This entry made me miss you even more.

You will rock Thailand’s ass. xo.