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>You can’t rush honey, honey

>So, I do this weird thing where I put honey in my coffee. I know, I know: Honey goes in tea. Well, it goes in coffee too. I have this (probably misguided) notion that honey is better for me than sugar. I guarantee it is better for me than artificial sweeteners. Even though it does come out of a bee’s bum.

Anyway, I am at work and just got up to make myself a cup of coffee (with honey) as the weather is horrid today and killing my vibe (which isn’t good as it is, seeing as how I have to work). I thought some warm, comforting (and honey-sweet) coffee might perk up my mood.

Well, I get to the coffee station (we have nothing so glamorous as a “break room”) and the honey is nearly empty. So I’m standing there, waiting for the last of the honey to slowly drip out of the container. At first I was impatient about it as I hate waiting for anything. But then I realised that the honey was making me think of summer – it is the colour of sunshine and smells like flowers. Also, what was I in a big hurry for? To get back to my desk and continue grinding away at a training presentation? So instead of being impatient with an inanimate object (which I often am), I decide to chill, enjoy my three minute break, and think of summer.

So now I am back at my desk, enjoying my coffee, and thinking about summer despite the monsoon outside the office windows. It has become a much better day.