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>Unnecissary pants parts

>So last week I bought myself some new underpants. And I have to ask: Is there any feeling the world quite as nice as putting on a new pair of underpants?

More to the point, the pants I bought were red and white boy-style shorts from American Apparel and they are deliciously comfortable. However, I don’t find the penis flap on the front of them entirely necessary.

In fact, I don’t think for me it is necessary at all. Yah. I don’t need that.

Way to blog, turbo

>I’ve been neglectful of my blog writing. I’ve been busy. Or something.

I’m better at writing stuff in the blog when I’m having a laugh… and the chuckles aren’t quite so thick and frequent as they once were just now.

I’m mostly just in a very uncertain spot… not sure how work is going, not sure how the new flat is going, not sure of other things I don’t wanna talk about. You shush.

Lots of things to think about these days and not a lot to write about. That’ll change. My brain will burn out eventually from the thinking and my mouth will start working. I believe that’s one of my greatest weaknesses… that my brain and mouth never work at the same time.

My hope is that April will be a brighter, more sunshiny month with promises of good stuff to come.

>Banal blog entry week continues


So, cooking in my apartment is difficult. I only have approximately 3 square inches of counter-space. I lack most of the apparatus necessary to cook anything decent. If I turn on the “oven” (and I use the term very, very loosely – it could either be considered a fairly kick-ass toaster oven or an extremely poorly endowed oven) the elements go out. I lack certain culinary skills. I call heating up a frozen pizza “cooking”. You get the picture.

I’m happy with no microwave oven, but as I’m eating at home more and more often, I find myself wishing I had a toaster. Because I’m eating more toast (bread is cheap). A toaster would make my life so much easier.

The problem when I “cook” is that I don’t pay attention. I have the attention span of a gnat. I start cooking and then I get distracted by something else – often by something shiny. And then I forget I’m cooking something and this leads to disaster.

Sigh. Most of the food I eat these days is either undercooked (I de-stove it before it is ready to ensure I won’t over cook it) or highly overcooked. Which means my house always smells like burned toast. Because I forget that I’m toasting something until I smell it and it is black on one side and still bread on the other. Ew.

I wish I had room on my counter (note: not counterS, counter. There is but one counter in my place. A little one.) for a toaster. Or I wish I had someone around to cook for me. Cooking for myself is balls. I bet someone else would rock at cooking toast. And then I wouldn’t even have to get up out of bed to eat it, let alone to cook it. That’d be cool.

>Nocturnal hallucinations


Yesterday I took a shower in the early evening to try and warm up. The heat is working, but it is still very, very cold in my flat. Seeing as how I pay to run the electric heater but hot water is free, I elected to take a long, hot shower and then put on my warm fluffy trousers and my “heatTech” shirts and chill out.

Then Colin called and convinced me to to leave the house with promises of a real dinner (I was going to eat tomato sandwiches – I’m still not working – and he bought pizza). I had to get ready very quickly. Long story short(ish), I had to do my hair and make-up in my main room because the bathroom floor was still wet after my shower. As I rushed out the door, instead of putting my make-up bag back on the hook by the sink I just left it inside the bathroom door on the floor.

When I returned from dinner (thanks, C), I went to go to the toilet at my house and nearly had a heart attack because of the make-up bag. I had forgotten I had left it there and in that split second before I could accurately decipher what I was seeing, I thought there was a kitten sitting there.

In hindsight, I’m not really sure why a kitten would scare me so much.

PS: It really is that freaking cold in here. I’m sitting here now in the mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, the heater on and a hot water bottle on my lap. I need to find work not only for the money, but so I can thaw out. Brr!

PPS: It just occurred to me that this was the most pointless blog entry in history. I should give myself some sort of reward….

>Already Sunday

>I can’t believe how fast the weekend went… you would think having Friday off would make it seem longer. At least I’m not dreading work anymore on Sunday nights like I used to do. I’m super-busy at work, and not at all sure that I’m doing anything right, but it still isn’t as painful as it once was.

I could blather for awhile in this post about the weekend – it was a rather social weekend for someone like me who likes to hide in their apartment the entire time… but nothing outstanding really happened. It was fun, and I was happy to see Lindsey before she left for France, but nothing so out-of-the-ordinary happened that I’m going to tell the story.

>Quiet Saturdays

>In an attempt to save money and not be so alcoholic, I’ve been spending weekends at home. Doesn’t make for the most exciting blog entries, but is good for my wallet and liver. Spending the quiet days at home is sort of nice, I’m appreciating the sanctuary that is my home. All day today I’ve just chilled out, bought a broom, played guitar and finished watching season four of The Wire. So, not exciting, but relaxing, and that may be exactly what I need at the moment.

>Stairless step


I hate it when I’m walking up the stairs in the dark and I think there are more stairs than there are. And I do that last step where there is no stair. Do you know what I’m talking about?

At least I didn’t spill my tea!

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