Aboot the Capt

The Captain has not yet written her biography. When she does, rest assured the story will show up here.

Disclaimer: What you read here cannot be unread. Proceed with caution.

2 responses to “Aboot the Capt

  1. Jodi

    Have a similar situation with my daughter in law (also a Canadian). Due to return to Toronto soon with my 3 month old grandaughter Problem was alleged to be linked to the Debit card processing system. Her bank has confirmed no access attempted and ample funds for the application. I am sure there is hidden agenda here. I am interested in the number of responses you had e mail/face book etc with similar situations. Can you advise me of the approximate number of replies you had. No problem with the Governor of the Bank of England I see (and presumably also his wife)

    • Hi Russ: Sorry to hear your daughter-in-law is facing a similar issue. I’ve only had (I believe) one or two comments with people with problems specifically around the payment system, even though I’ve heard many more from word of mouth. If you are looking for more cases about it, I would try searching Twitter for “UKBA” and trying to contact some of the people there. Lots of people being very active and verbal about issues around the agency. I wish your family all the best and I hope this is resolved for you.

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