What five activities do you like to do outside of school?

Again, I think I’m screwing up the actual wordings of the question. But it is close enough.

I spend a lot of time lurking around on Reddit while I have TV shows or movies that I have seen a million times on in the background.

Since I’ve started eating better, a lot of my time is now dedicated to cooking and washing dishes and other useless activities that I hate. But I hate being fat more, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Although I behave during the week, on the weekend I do seem to enjoy having a beer or three hundred. It’s nice to go out and talk to other grown-ups after the week is over.

Occasionally I write some blog stuff here or on Tumblr. Or read. Or try to learn a little Korean. I’m lumping all these things together because I (sadly) don’t do enough of any one of them to warrant giving them their own little paragraph.

I love going shopping for Korean skin care and cosmetics. It’s my newest obsession. If you were using this shiz, you’d know why. My skin feels amazing these days. It’s affordable and fantastic.

So. Nerding. Eating. Drinking. Nerding. Shopping. Those are my five things.

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