Just a Quick Word (or 10)

Because 10 is all I know.

I know SO little Korean. And what I do know relates to booze and/or food and/or how to call you a pervert and/or a retard.

So tonight in the cab ride home by myself with a driver who knew about as much English  as I know Korean was SO much fun. So much. You can’t even imagine.

I know how to say ‘beer’. And ‘I don’t understand Korean’. And ‘don’t give me any corn.’.

He knew how to say ‘baseball’. And ‘Canada’. And ‘Toronto’.

He thought it was hilarious that I knew how to say ‘Korea’ in Korean but didn’t know how to respond to his simple Korean phrases at freaking all. As did I.

So was it the most fun cab ride ever? It’s freaking up there. I love this country.

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