Korean Meds

So I don’t always buy things because they are funny or interesting. Sometimes I actually need stuff. Like when I’ve had a cough and stuffy nose for weeks. And then you find out that even when you aren’t actively trying to buy something funny or interesting, that’s what you get anyway.

Happily, there is a pharmacy between work and home with a front counter person with fantastic English. I told her that I’d been stuffed up for weeks and she gave me two kinds of medication. Which she gave to me in a weird little paper bag.

photo 1


Seriously, can we talk about that bag with the octopus on it? What is going on there? I could probably Google Translate it, but I’d rather just guess. The pharmacy industry in Korea is obviously not happy with something.

The box contains a bunch of small white pills. The packages with what looks like a “J” on it were filled with dirt. Or something like dirt. Think I’m kidding?

photo 2

KOREA. Why is that shit not in a gelcap, you knob?

The pill you take like normal. The dirt you just pour in your mouth (I put it under my tongue so the taste is minimised) and then slam a glass of water. It doesn’t taste horrible, but it doesn’t taste good either. And the texture? GAH. You’ve got to drink a lot of water quickly to get it down without choking, and even then it’s a good idea to have a second drink to help get it completely out of your mouth. The taste I mean. If you don’t have the dirt-stuff out of your mouth after a full glass of water, you’ve definitely done something wrong.

The cost kinda makes up for the taste and texture. Both meds were less than $5, which is pretty rad.

But now to the most important thing: Did it work? You bet. I wasn’t sniffling nearly as much and I wasn’t being woken up because I was gasping for air. Definitely worth suffering through the dirt eating to stop suffering through this cold, or allergies, or hayfever or whatever it is that I’m not willing to go to a doctor to fix. I’ll definitely go back for more if I need it.

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