Korean Stoofs

I had an idea today after buying some of the weirdest drinks ever at the shop: I should probably blog more.

Being back in K-town has been strange. It is so familiar and yet so different. And I somehow end up forgetting that I now know a lot of people who weren’t subjected to my blog back in the day (2005 – 2007) when I was here before, so they may not (yet) be bored of hearing about weird Korean stuff (looking at you, sea penis). There may even be a handful of people who are thinking about coming to Korea (or who have just arrived here) and may be interested in hearing more about the things you can buy over here (like what, exactly, does “Milkis” or “Pocari Sweat” taste like). I know I would be. Some of it is pretty baffling. Loads of it is cute. Some of it is totes awesome.

So look for upcoming posts about what I’m spending my won on here in Koreaville. My reviews won’t be worth anything (anyone who is willing to eat something just because it is ‘hilarious’ cannot be trusted as a reviewer), but hopefully they’ll be mildly entertaining.

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