Honey Water

After work today I popped into the shop to pick up some Diet Coke (Coke Light, as it is known here) to go with one of my birthday presents. It’s hit or miss to buy Coke Light these days – not everywhere carries it. Coke Zero? Everywhere. But it’s not the same. So I went to the CU to chance whether or not they would have the tasty beverage I was hunting for.


I always fuck up the name of this store. The signs have a V on them. I think. So it looks like CVU. Or maybe CUV. Or something*.  So rather than embarrass myself by mispronouncing a Korean name that is two Latin letters long, I just cut to the chase and call it 7-11.


They didn’t have Coke Light, but they did have Coke, and Coke also goes with whiskey, so I bought that as well as a few other liquid treats. I’ll have posts on the other bevvies (especially the pine shitter that I bought) other days, but today is all about the Honey Water.

First, the bottle of Honey Water was in a reverse cooler. As in, it was being kept warm. Would you say it was in a warmer then? I dunno. Anyway. The bottle was warm. It was weird. I was first interested in it because I thought it could potentially be super tasty ice cold. And then the flipping bottle was super warm.

I asked the poor girl behind the counter if it was better hot or cold (she did speak a little English and I did apologise 10000 times, Canadian style, for not speaking Korean) and she said she liked it better warm. So I’m sorry, but the bottle in my picture is empty because I drank it on the way home while it was still warm. (I’m also sorry that a: I’m in the picture and b: I took it with my webcam because c: I’m too fucking lazy to take a picture with my phone and upload it at the moment.) It looked a lot like water with honey in it though. You aren’t missing much.


Honey Water


It wasn’t as good as I wanted. As sweet as you would expect, but not very lemony. Although after drinking it, my throat is feeling better (I’ve been sick for like 3 weeks now), but I’ve also had a little (read: more than a little) whiskey since I drank it, so I may be thanking the Honey Water for a cure brought on by whiskey. Hard to say. Seeing as how I’m enjoying the whiskey far more than the Honey Water, we’ll say it was the whiskey that cured me. More whiskey, barkeep!

Now, it may be that I actually didn’t like it because I was envisioning a cold sweet drink and I drank it warm. Or it may just be kinda sick. At any rate, I won’t be buying it again.

TL;DR: Potentially decent but meh. Not going back for seconds.


*I looked into the store signage so I could provide more accurate deets (like this is an academic paper or some shiz). It has “CVS for you” in between the C and the U. And they weren’t here when I was here before – it is a rebranding of “FamilyMart” that just started in 2012. So fuck it. 7-11 it is.

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