Monthly Archives: July 2013

Radio Silence

After being so vocal and open about my UKBA issues, why have I been so quiet in the last few weeks about my recent tête-à-tête with the UK Border Agency?

  1. Nothing is really happening. There is literally nothing more I can do until the court date on 10 September.
  2. I’m tired of it. Really, really tired of it. Tired by it. Both.
  3. I’m sure everyone  is bored with hearing about it. I would be if it wasn’t happening to me.

There have been no changes to my situation and there is nothing that anyone can do for me. So here we are. And I’m trying to not think about this all the time and get on with living life for now. I may only have a few more months left in London… I want to enjoy them, not think about them coming to an end.

If anything changes, I’ll report about it. Until then, I should maybe write more here about being in London. In hindsight, I should have been doing that for the past 5 years. I suppose I never thought I would be forced to leave this place.

And if you are going through your own UKBA struggle and have questions, please get in touch through the comments. I may not have the answers but I am always happy to chat through your situation and see if I can offer any advice.