Grayling’s Attack on Judicial Reviews of the UKBA

A friend of mine forwarded a relevant Guardian article to me today written by barrister  – Chris Grayling’s attack on judicial reviews is itself ‘meritless’.


The UK has an immigration agency so broken that the Home Office has deemed it “not fit for purpose”. You hear stories all the time – like the Welsh gent’s Canadian wife who was not granted a UK visa because he wasn’t British (yup, you read that right) – of how the UKBA makes grotesque mistakes that ruin people’s lives.

And now they want to take one of the routes of holding the UKBA accountable away from those who are at their mercy?

I believe the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, may be out of his mind. He says that people are only using claims as a “cheap delaying tactic” in planning and immigration appeals.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure this actually does happen. We all know that if there is a system in place, no matter how tight, there will be people who abuse it. However, this attitude of punishing everyone to stop a handful of dickheads who game the system is why the UKBA is being constantly taken to court and why there are so many judicial reviews. If you assume every immigrant is here for the wrong reason or illegally and blindly apply the same draconian laws to everyone, you are going to have to defend your reasons for doing so.

I do not deserve to be punished for wanting to be in the UK. I do not deserve to have my right to appeal taken away from me via time restrictions and financial burden when I was not the one at fault in the first place. I do have the right to stand and fight a faulty decision in a broken system. And so do we all.

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