I’ve been quiet about my situation for awhile because I needed some distance. I also wanted to give my initial activities some time to bear fruit, if any. I also needed a small break from thinking about it; I’ve been finding this situation (perhaps unsurprisingly) rather consuming. Even when I’m not directly thinking about it, it feels like it is eating a portion of my brain.

So where am I with all this? In limbo.

1. My lovely MP wrote two letters; one to the UKBA and another to the Home Office. I’ve not heard anything back regarding either, I’ll be following up this week.

2. My application to appeal has been received and acknowledged by the courts. I need to submit a fee (I bet they are better about taking fees than the UKBA – sigh) and I’ll be good to go.

3. I’ve finally heard back from the complaints department. That’s one for another post. Unbelievable.

That’s about it, to be honest. But I’m getting tired of being in this no-place place so I’m going to get back to actively making the UKBA rethink their ridiculous decision. My next steps (other than writing a recommendation for the lovely law firm that gave me some advice and a post about the complaints people):

1. Phone call to the ONE NUMBER you can find for the UKBA to see if they are doing anything with my case or what.

2. Writing my MP to see if their office has heard back.

3. Requesting all the information and notes they are holding on my file.

4. Reach out to the reporter who emailed me and see if she’s still interested in my story.

5. An anonymous tipster suggested that I should go to their offices (if I can find them in Croydon or Swindon or whatever) and stay there until I am allowed to speak to a human being. Challenge one: Finding a human being (with a heart and all) to speak with at the UKBA.

Has anyone who might cruise by this blog and have had their own issues with the UKBA ever tried going to visit them? Any tips or recommendations?

2 responses to “Limbo

  1. Hurray for you Jodes! Keep fighting the good fight, we’re rooting for you.

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