Lawyer o’ Awesomeness

When I first received my decision letter from the UKBA, I was fairly paralysed with shock. It was completely unexpected. So I came home, blindly wrote a Facebook status and a tweet letting people know what was happening and asking for help, then just sort of sat back, numb.

As the well-wishes, advice and rage (loved having people rage for me… thank you lovely ragey people!) rushed in, I was overcome by the kindness of others – especially the friends of friends who stepped in.

A retweet by Mr. Felix Cohen triggered this exchange:


I don’t know Michael Vachon, but how happy am I that he responded and included a connection to Latitude Law? ALL THE HAPPY.

Since the beginning, I’ve been in touch with Gary McIndoe at Latitude, who was really the one who gave me the confidence to fight this. I thought I was right and the UKBA was wrong (of course) and so did all my friends… but to have a FOR REALS LAW GUY step in and say “yah, fight ’em”? That made a huge difference in how I was feeling.

It was Gary who told me how to get my appeal put together and submitted to the courts. And it is Gary that I’ll hire to stand with me in court if it should come to that. He’s been responsive, helpful and just generally awesome. Even without an outcome, I feel really grateful to Gary and all he’s done to date.

If you need advise and perhaps a lawyer (do get a lawyer, if you can); get in touch with Gary at Latitude Law. Even if it is just to have him say that it is worth fighting for.

Gary McIndoe, Solicitor
Latitude Law
Direct: 0161 234 6801
Skype: gary.mcindoe

This guy really has been one of the heroes for me throughout this horrible ordeal. I thought contacting a lawyer would suck. It doesn’t suck. It’s awesome. If you need help with your immigration case, it is definitely worth contacting Gary.

3 responses to “Lawyer o’ Awesomeness

  1. Wow, really enjoyed reading this,being someone with an immigration plight myself,I find its somewhat of a relief to be able to describe what were going through at the hands of these UKBA employed dimwits. Î applied under article 8, FLR (O) and the nincompoop who rejected my application couldn’t even spell correctly, his sessions for refusal were littered with spelling mistakes. And now here I am 9 months down the line with my life on hold, waiting for a judicial review and the cretins still haven’t written really does impede any progress in one’s life and the fact that I can remain as calm as I am now and articulate a paragraph on how irate I’ve been for the last 9 months is quite miraculous really, great article Jodi, glad I found this,good to know I’m not wallowing alone in involuntary hiatus by the home office lol.

    • You are definitely not alone. It really is hard to articulate just how angry it makes you, isn’t it? They make you feel like a criminal when you’ve done nothing wrong; disrupt your life for trying to play by the rules. You end up angry because you feel cheated – I totally get it.

      I hope that your situation works out. I had brief hope that everything would get better when the UKBA was disbanded… but you know as well as I that nothing really changed when that happened earlier this year. Nothing that resulted in an improvement for those of us at the receiving end.

      Hang in there and try to stay positive!

  2. no doubt mr Gary McINDOE is genious, strait forward person. his experience and fair advice is much appreciated . May GOD help him

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