UKBA Getting The Boot

It’s amazing how things just align sometimes, doesn’t it? Just four days after telling me I have no right to exist in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May gives the UKBA a taste of their own medicine.

For anyone not in the know, today Theresa May announced that the UK Border Agency will be scrapped and split into two.

From her speech today:

I believe the Agency’s problems boil down to four main issues. First, the sheer size of the Agency means it has conflicting cultures, and all too often focuses on the crisis in hand at the expense of other important work. Second, its lack of transparency and accountability. Third, its inadequate IT systems. And fourth, the policy and legal framework within which it has to operate.

How happy am I that the HOME SECRETARY also sees these as massive issues that need reform? All the happy.

As I mentioned in my first post about my situation: I truly do understand why a firm yet fair immigration system is needed. But I came to this country 100% legally and with entry clearance. Now after more than five years I’m being told to leave because the UKBA was incapable of processing payment. How is that a fair immigration system?

I sincerely doubt that this change will have any impact at all on my situation but it is so relieving to know that the problems are very real and that I’m not the only one who sees the need for things to change.

And I know it is all just coincidence… but it is nice to believe that this is the universe telling the UKBA that they shouldn’t have ever messed with me. Awwwww yiss.

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