First follow-up: Letter to my MP

If you read the earlier post of my letter, you probably deduced I’m one of these people that has difficulty asking for help, which is why I made my request about everyone suffering at the hands of the UKBA, not just me. From all the feedback I have received (thanks!) I should have asked for Rushanara Ali to deal with MY case specifically. Oops.

But there is good news. I called her office today and spoke with a few very helpful people. The first got me through right away to a Senior Caseworker who was extremely understanding, patient and helpful.

She has said that it is possible that Rushanara may be able to do two things in light of my email and subsequent phone call: Contact the UKBA about my case specifically (and contact from MPs = priority) AS WELL AS ask the Immigration Minister my questions.

How awesome is that? The caseworker emailed me immediately with a form to complete with more of my details. I have done so. Now to try and keep calm whilst I await their response.

And thank you again to all who had feedback about the letter (especially @ifenn and Hemma’s mysterious “friend”). It really helped me focus my request when I called their office.

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