Stranger Danger

So I made a public declaration on my OkCupid profile that I would respond to any and all messages that get sent to me. This may have been a mistake.

When I first joined the site (nearly two years ago – yikes), I used to respond to everyone. And I tried to respond nicely. It ended up taking up a lot of time and energy though, and in the end I was often left feeling like a dick. Because eventually these knobs would want to meet me. And there was no way (for a lot of them) that was going to happen. So then there was the whole dance of trying to get them to go away. And getting rid of some of these desperate fuckers was nigh-on impossible. Exhausting.

So when I rejoined this year (there was a good year long sabbatical in there when I was dating the boy) I decided to not answer all the messages. Because really, most of the wieners that contact me can fuck right off. Why should I even bother engaging in the first place?

But now I’m back to how I used to feel about it: If they are taking time to contact me, the least I can do is write back and tell them I’d rather live in a basement suite with 40 cats, wearing unravelling cardigan sweaters, eating nothing but frozen dinners and watching daytime television alone for the rest of my life than to have to sit through a single pint of conversation with them. Because that’s nicer, right?

If nothing else, I need a hobby now that I’ve finished watching season 6 of both Dexter and Futurama. And who knows? It may just give me some laughs. And if it makes me laugh, there is a good chance I’ll share the laughs with y’all.

Feel the love.


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