Strategerising and Sticky Stuff

So apparently Velcro has gone through a massive rebranding. Who knew?

Although there is velcro in my life… that’s how I think of it. Little “v” velcro, not capital “V” Velcro as in “a brand”. I thought it had gone the way of Thermos, Teflon and all the other once-brand-names that ended up becoming just another product name to be pilfered by a bunch of other brands.

When I think of velcro, I think of shoes. Or this:

she looks like she’s having a great time

But it isn’t the rebranding (6 months for that logo? Really?) or the new website that caught my attention. It was two lines from the article over at Co. Create from  Velcro Group vice president of global marketing Jurjen Jacobs:

 “Instead of us trying to invent all kinds of new things you can do with Velcro, there are millions of people using our products every day, and most of them will be very proud to share their results with other people. I think that’s a huge strength of our brand and where our future marketing strategy will come from.”

Jacobs is doing marketing right. Instead of telling your brand advocates what they should be doing with your stuff, let your brand advocates tell you. Let THEM do the work! Let them shill your goods to other people… and hopefully turn those people into brand advocates in the meantime.

Although it is kinda ridiculous that it took 6 months (and probs oodles of money) to get a new logo, props to the velcro kids for doing their marketing strategy right.

I am curious now how Velcro is listening to their customers, evaluating what is being discussed and how they are going to act on that. At least there is going to be one clear measure of success on this one… when people start thinking about velcro as Velcro again.

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