Like so, so many other people… I’m on Pinterest. But unlike the 25 people or so that have auto-followed me in the last two weeks, I actually use it. A little.

Virtual scrapbooking. I don’t real-life scrapbook. But I do like to pin the odd thing here and there that interests me, or things that I would like to own one day. Stuff like that.

I think the best thing to come out of Pinterest are the following two websites… they often make me laugh. HOWEVER… a lot of times these images are definitely NSFW, so be careful when/where you check them out.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

The description for this site is “Y’ALL ARE GOING A BIT OVERBOARD OVER THERE. I’M HERE TO HELP.”

One of my favourite recent pins was this one…

Makes being single seem like a great thing to be.

WTF, Pinterest?

I’m sure you can imagine that this one follows along the same lines. The description for this site is: “I am often inspired by what you pin to, but sometimes, you make me say, “WTF”?”

A great recent pin?

I don't get it either


So. Whether you are new to Pinterest, a long time Pinterester, or someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut what the sweaty squirrel Pinterest is… these sites are worth having a look.

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