Plan of Attack

Now that I’ve ‘fessed up to what my big goal is (ish) for 2012, I thought I’d start detailing a bit about how I plan to do it. There are three parts to my plan:

1. Eat smarter
2. Move more
3. Measure that shit

Pretty simple, no?

Eat Smarter

For me, this has meant following what is probably most commonly known as the “Paleo Diet” (or Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet or Hunter Gatherer Diet). To me, it should be just the “Whole, real foods (sans gluten) diet”, because that’s really what it is.  Single ingredient foods for the most part with a few little bits to make life sunnier (red wine, dark chocolate, good coffee).

It goes a lot along the lines of what Michael Pollen says in his book In Defense of Food: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

It’s a fairly easy rule to live by.

And I’m trying to live by these “rules” about 80-90% of the time. Except this month, during which I’m subjecting myself to DEADLY DETOX FEBRUARY. Same rules as above, less fruit, the wine, chocolate and *sob* coffee (gave that up as of Thursday last week). And I’m sticking to it 100%. Six days in and no one has been maimed. Yet.

I’m going to enjoy the SHIT out of the next glass of red wine I have, let me tell you.

Move more

Actually, right now I’m failing at this pretty hard. STUPID LUNGS – BE LESS STUPID. I’m so tired all the time because of this damned cough so I’m not doing much exercise. I’m hoping that later this week I’ll be back to the plan, which is to walk in the morning, lift weights at lunch, and run in the evening. BAM.

Measure that shit

I’m actually measuring using a few tools that I’ll go into in separate posts:

1. Fitbit (food, sleep, mood, weight, activity)
2. Fitocracy (exercise)
3. Runkeeper (exercise – cardio)
4. Withings Scale (weight)

Some of these connect to each other. Some don’t. Altogether, they ensure I’m totes on top of this shit. Measurement is important – it helps track progress. I’ll give some in-depth reviews on those tools and how I’m using them in later posts.

That’s the quick and dirty outline of what I’m up to. I will try to talk about each in more detail as time goes on, and let you all know how it is all holding up.

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