Home + Work = Awesomeness

Every once in awhile I ask for permission to work from home, especially if I have a lot on.

Working from home means I don’t lose two hours of my day commuting. And I don’t use those extra hours to piss about. I use them to get more work done.

Because I don’t commute, I don’t start my day already fucked off with the world.

So my mood is already better. I put on some coffee, some music and get to work sitting at my dinning table, facing the window (a window! Looking out at things!).

I’m relaxed. I’m more positive. And, most awesomely, I’m more productive.

Why don’t we let people do this more often?

2 responses to “Home + Work = Awesomeness

  1. I feel compelled to point out that you are blogging at “work”


  2. Good point. I also would have blogged at work if I had been in the office. Fact. 🙂 Gotta take breaks, you know.

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