Body Math

I’m still using Fitocracy  to motivate my ass to exercise. It’s a great motivator, especially if you are a competitive little monkey like I am.

But there is a secondary reason why Fitocracy is pretty awesome: The people. And not just “my people” (aka “the people I follow”), but the people in the groups I joined. Especially the fit nerds in the XKCD group.

Fit nerds don’t just run around. The like to measure and graph and talk about things like ROI and stuff. And when they have an opinion about something (ie: just focus on calories or also worry about macronutrients), most of them back that shit up with links to the studies they are citing.

I love nerds. I’m learning so much.

And here’s a lesson that I’m taking to heart. One of the guys in the group posted a link to WolframAlpha  that spat out information about the effects of a run on your body, dependant on distance, speed, weight, sex, etc.

Now, I am capable of running 5km in 30 minutes (which I actually do now and again), and I knew that by doing so I burned roughly 500 or so calories. I knew that. But what does that mean?

Well, that’s where this sort of nerdy website comes in handy. That 500 or so calories equates to a QUARTER OF A POUND.

A quarter. Of a pound. 0.15 pounds. gaH.

That sucks. That sucks for how hard it is for me to run that 5km in 30 minutes. It means that to lose a pound I would have to run that hard that fast for two hours. Fuck that.

So slowly I’m learning how to game the body math. Through sprints and weight lifting, I’m making changes faster. Hopefully learning body math is going to help me see changes sooner.

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