The Turbotastical Challenge: A Story for Carey

Two years ago I posted a challenge  (that I would still consider as open, by the way) – that I would turn any sentence left into the comments into a story. I completed two – “Fallen” (from the sentence Tyran left: “There was a warm fetid smell, like wet dogs running wild.”) and “Fair Acres” (from the sentence Stefan left: “But she couldn’t get the hang of his torso.”).

I got stuck on the third one.

For those of you who don’t know the history behind how Captain Turbotastic and Careybatgirl… you are lucky. It is long and it is rambling and it is full of silliness. It involves dish mats and little men on the windshield and dinosaurs.

When we were in high school together, so many years ago now, I wrote Carey a children’s story in math class about how we became friends. When she left her sentence in the comments of the challenge… I wanted to write another.

And that’s why it took so long to get this one out, boys and girls. Because the Captain doesn’t do much drawing these days.

Carey’s sentence was “We never found the dish drain mat and were stranded there forever.”  And with that out of the way… here’s my story for Carey.

I miss you, Carebear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(If you hover your mouse over the slideshow, you will get controls. It moves a bit quickly, so I would stop play and advance it manually. You need to move your mouse off the slideshow to make the controls get the heckfire out of the way.)

2 responses to “The Turbotastical Challenge: A Story for Carey

  1. This has to be the best thing EVER! Thank you so much, it is perfect!


  2. “suffer fools” is perhaps my favouritest of all the great wee phrases in this story. You rock Kermit.

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