How’s my week been?

I’m going to tell a story to illustrate how my week has been going.

At work, the majority of us (read: everyone except the directors) have shit office chairs. You know the ones. Worth about £60 and the only thing you can adjust is the height (until the height adjuster thing breaks). But you can roll around. And you can swivel. Which are both good.

About a month ago someone stole my chair whilst I was off for the day. It even had my name on it. I haven’t bothered figuring out who the thieving bastard is. Hopefully they’ll get theirs one day. So I have been sitting on a shit meeting room chair (read: no adjustments, no swivelling, no rolling) for about a month.

Yesterday someone stole my even shitter chair after I left for the day. So when I came in, I had no shit chair, no shitter chair… no chair at all.

That’s a true story. And that’s how my week has been going. I hope your week (whoever you are) has been better.

2 responses to “How’s my week been?

  1. Boo urns! I hope this week is better, love! x

  2. Ergh, NO WAY! Yukky persons, I hope they get their chair stolen!! x

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