There and Back Again…

It has been a long and strange journey with my poor old blog. Started back in 2005 (2005!) just before I left Canada for Korea as a way to keep in touch with folks without bombarding my contacts list with group e-newsletters. I was supposed to be gone for a year and I expected the blog to last about that long. That was six (six!) years ago now.

The blog started on MSN Spaces… back when I had “upgraded” from using Yahoo email to Hotmail. (AH HA HA HA HA! – “upgrade to Hotmail”)  At the time, it was all that I needed, even when it did funky things when I was posting from the PC Bang (internet cafe) in Korea.

I’m not sure what eventually drove me away from Spaces. Perhaps it was because I had been using Gmail for awhile and was drifting further and further away from Hotmail and all things associated with it. And because I used Google for email, it made sense (at the time) to move my blog to the Google-sphere… hello Blogger.

There was only one major issue in the beginning with Blogger… my blog was currently on MSN Spaces. And you know what you couldn’t do with blog entries on MSN Spaces? Export them in a way that was usable to upload to Blogger. There was no way for me to automatically port all my data to the new platform.


So began the long, slow, MANUAL transfer of my delicious blog posts from Spaces to Blogger. I would work steady on it for about three days, get bored, put it aside, ignore it for awhile. I had my blog split in twain for a good two years. And I had “move the rest of your blog, turbo” on my to-do list for years. I hate dangly to-do list items.

Then: A Miracle.

Spaces was shutting down. One can only surmise  that this was due to their extreme suckiness. But who’s to know? And in shutting down they were moving everyone’s blog… to WordPress.


I liked Blogger. It worked for me. Sure, sure… there wasn’t a lot of control over certain aspects of the site and the back end was not so hot. But it worked for me. I even managed to buy my own domain in that time (yay!) and tweak the theme to make it work for me (except when I broke it and Tyran had to save me). But now I was thinking… maybe I should use WordPress to maintain my blog.

Nova’s Basement’s site ( is built on WordPress. Even our work website is built on WordPress. It has a really nice back-end and is much more powerful than Blogger. I decided to stop migrating everything to Blogger and… you guessed it… migrate everything BACK over to where my original blog was now living… on a WordPress site.

Then: Another Miracle.

It was so so easy to get the blog posts from Blogger to WordPress. Automatic, in fact. I didn’t even have to export and import shit. I used some sort of magical import wizard. My two blogs were one in less than 20 minutes.

Now – it wasn’t completely perfect… which is the reason for this post.

I’m going to have to do some housework – during the import a this: > was put in front of my imported titles and at the start of each post. WEIRD. And I will have to check links that link back to the Blogger blog are going somewhere. And I’ll need a better look and feel to it eventually… this is too ‘out of the box’ for my tastes right now.

So bare with me over the next little bit while I do some maintenance. It should all be back to my regular good-looking but largely inarticulate rambling bullshit soon enough.

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