First, a caveat: By purging I do not mean eating a bunch of shit and then barfing it back up. I do need to lose more weight. And although I’m not very good about eating less (or exercising more, for that matter), I hate throwing up so much that I can’t see binging and purging as a viable solution to my weight issues.

No, by ‘purging’ I just mean getting rid of shit I don’t need.

I have lost a bit of weight since the beginning of the year (I’ve slowed down lately, but do want to pick it back up) and I am hoping to share more of that journey here going forward. So I have a bunch of clothes that are too big (whoop whoop) and others that just don’t look good. When you are fat, a lot of times you don’t have much choice when it comes to clothes… you just buy what fits, not necessarily what looks good. Which isn’t cool, yo.

So first – I’ve purged my closet. A few weeks ago I took some bags of clothes (and some other stuff) to the charity shop. Tonight I took six more grocery bags of clothes to the charity bin. I have very little left for clothing, but I’m okay with that. What counts is that I like what I have left. Bam.

Second – I purged my friend list on Facebook. I was appalled when I first learned that ‘unfriend’ had become an entry in the dictionary… but I’m coming around to this idea. I’ve done a culling before – the first time my friend list got up to around 320 people I went through and dropped folks until I was down to 299.

There have been studies to show that we are capable of maintaining relationships with around 150 people – about the size of a tribe. I was back up around 320 ‘friends’ on Facebook, so I’ve gone through the list and knocked off about 40 of them.

Over the next couple months, I’m going to try to get that list down to around 100. That’ll leave me room for friends in real life that don’t use Facebook.

I’ve also stopped other websites/services from posting to Facebook – so no longer will every tweet and every check-in (I’m most likely going to nix my Gowalla and Foursquare accounts over the next few weeks anyway) show up on my feed. And I’m planning on tweeting much less.

I’ve decided to do this because I would rather have more quality than quantity in my life: I would rather have three pairs of great shoes than thirty pairs of cheap uncomfortable ones. I would rather have one pair of amazing jeans that I feel good in than several mediocre ones. And I would rather have 100 real friends than 350+ virtual ones.

I would rather communicate with those friends directly and with some real thought and content personalised to them (or to my specific group). And when I do have something I want to say to a wider audience, I’d rather create a blog post with some substance than just spitting out multitudes of tweets with not much thought behind them.

Quality. Not quantity. Hopefully!

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