Did you love your mother and father…

>…and do Psalms do it for you?

I’m really uncertain how the two halves of this question go together. Really uncertain. This is probably in large part due to my largely secular upbringing and current theological stance. I know that there is a commandment about ‘loving thy mother and father’ somewhere in the Bible along with a bunch of other rules about humping your neighbour’s ass and how taking the Lord’s name in vain is a bajillion times worse than any of the cuss words I could invent. I even know there are plenty more commandments than the ten that Moses harped on about after talking to the burning bush of burning bushiness. But I have no idea where in the Bible they are. The commandments aren’t in Psalms, are they?

I KNOW that’s Charlton Heston… but doesn’t Moses look a little like Will Ferrell?

I love my mother and father very much. And not just did (as the question puts it), but do. And although there were times in my young life when I was very, very angry with them both for reasons I don’t feel like blogging about… I am not any more. And I’m so grateful for that.

I’m grateful that I was able to not just repair my relationship with my moms, but to actually come to love her and appreciate her even more than I did when I was a kid and she was all-powerful and all-knowing (she would, of course, argue that she still is). She means the world to me, and sometimes it frightens me that we may have been lost to each other forever. That would have been a real tragedy. She’s my rock.

I’m grateful that I was on very good terms with my dad before he passed away… before the time came when I wouldn’t have the chance to forgive him, stop being so angry, and get to know him as an adult. He was never a perfect TV dad, but he was my dad, and the best that I could ask for.

Dr. Jason Roland Seaver = great TV dad. Fact.


AH HA HA HA. Okay. I thought I knew at least some of the Psalms. And I do… the ‘Lord is my shepherd that makes the death valley grass green and stuff so I don’t have to be afraid’ bit. Which is Psalm 23, if you are curious. But the way I remember it? Mashed together with bits from Ezekiel 25 (I CLEARLY don’t go to church)….


Seriously though – love my moms and dad. Not so sure about Psalms. I’m sure they’re alright once you get to know them.
PS: The commandment about yer ma and pa is in Matthew 19:19, if you care.

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