Vitamin D and other stories

>So, along with the exercise “thing”, I’m going to start taking a couple of additional supplements that I hope will improve my general well-being.

The first is vitamin D. I’m beginning to realise that trying to make vitamin D from the sun for the majority of the year in England is like trying to stay sober by drinking beer. Just doesn’t happen. At least not for approximately nine months of the year.




And you need vitamin D for things and stuffs, like not being a sad, tired sack of crap. So I’m going to add some supplements to my diet and see if I don’t perk up a wee bit.

The other thing I’m giving a go with is Melatonin, which is supposed to help with sleep. I have sleep issues. Always have. I’ve tried a million things to help it, but haven’t given Melatonin a go. So… Melatonin a go-go.


Melanoma” and “Melatonin” are two very, very different things. I would highly suggest that if you don’t want the chick at Holland and Barrett to look at you like you are a retard, do NOT go into the shop and ask for the former.

Not that I would know that from personal experience or anything. Ahem.


If I notice, you know, ANYTHING with either of these supplements… I’ll post about it. Hopefully they’ll put me in a better mood. Hopefully.

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