Again? Haven’t we been through this before?

>I’ve joined a gym. Again. So far I’m feeling very virtuous. If I go regularly for a week, I’ll feel angelic. Sometime into the second month, I’ll become (even more) unbearable.

I wonder how long it will last? At least this time there isn’t a contract – I can quit with a month’s notice. Right now I’m just going at lunch and running on the treadmill like a squirrel on a wheel.


I mean “squirrel on a wheel” and not “hamster on a wheel”. Remember my pet squirrels in Korea? Marty used to run the shit out of that wheel. He too had stress and other issues.

Yay squirrels!

I’m using the gym for exercise (I mean – obviously) but it is mostly so that, for one hour, I’m away from my desk and hopefully zoning (zenning?) out. It’s part of my marvellous plan to stress less and stay more positive for 2011. I’m bored of being Captain Bringdown, it’s time to bring back Captain Turbotastic.

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