The Interrogative Year

>For Christmas, the ever-lovely Brendan Green sent me five books (FIVE!) to keep me busy. I think it is his quiet protest about my Kindle, but I still appreciate the books and I’m very intrigued by one of them. It is called “The Interrogative Mood; A Novel?” by Padgett Powell.




I’ve only started reading this slim tome but it is very, very interesting. As it says on the dust jacket, “Through a seemingly random but infinitely artful series of questions it mysteriously, elusively, hilariously, compellingly lights up life.”

As I’m reading it, I find myself answering the questions in my head. Not fully, mind you, as I’m trying to read through it the first time as though it is a novel and not as though it is just a series of questions (and every sentence in the book is a question).  But I did have an idea.

For a wee while there I was pretty good about regularly blogging when I had the “Friday Feasts” (remember them?) to tackle. I do like doing the blog thing. But I run out of ideas and am not sure how much of my blathering people are willing to read. And then I remember that my blog is for me, not for them, and I don’t care about that. But I still find it difficult to find topics to blog about.


I also realise I’m not done the Turbotastical Challenge. I still owe stories to Carey and Brendan. I haven’t forgotten and they are on my to-do list for this year. Seriously.


So, in the interest in poking me to write, I’m going to try and answer all the questions in the book. Not all at once. But in a series of posts that I hope will weave through other posts. I do hope to do more writing this year. But egads; I say that every bloody year, don’t I?

My rules are going to be that I have to try to answer the question first without using Google or anything else to help me understand the question. But after my initial attempt, I’m allowed to look things up and fill out my answer.  I hope it will be as interesting to read as it should be to write.

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