Reflections. Resolutions. Other best laid plans.

>For most of December I contemplated writing a post that would look back on this year. 

I couldn’t do it. I still can’t do it.
This was not a good year for me. In fact, it was one of the worst. This has a lot to do with why I wasn’t blogging; I felt like I was doing nothing but complaining all the time. That, and it was hard to write in “my voice” (as ridiculous as it normally is) when I was feeling so down all the time.
I’m not going to set up 2011 as a “better year” because I have no idea what it will hold. But I do seem to trust (don’t mock me for this) odd-numbered years more than even-numbered years (and I especially distrust the number zero, of which 2010 had TWO). So it has to be a better year by virtue of having fewer zeroes.
I also plan on approaching things a little differently this year. 2010 was a year of poor health and low energy amongst other things. I can do something about that. Or at least try to. Which brings us to the resolutions and other plans part of this post.
I am a resolution maker. But I’m one of the lucky 10% that can stick to their resolutions… which is why I am very, very careful about what kinds of resolutions I make and I always put an expiry date on them. Most notably was the year I decided to stop eating meat – and didn’t touch it for almost two years even though the resolution was for one year. If I say I will do it, I usually will.
This year I’m not drinking alcohol. At all. Wellllll… not entirely “at all”.  There will be three very important exceptions to the rule:
1. If I leave the country, I’m allowed to drink. The beers of the world cannot be allowed to be safe from me for an entire year. That could destroy the economies of many a small nation (most notably Belgium, which makes some lovely beers).
2. If someone from out of the country (looking at you – Carey, Brendan and Chelsea!) comes to visit me, I’m allowed to drink. Not only are visitors worth celebrating, but I love sharing the British pub culture as part of my grand tours of London.
3. If I am attending a beer festival, I’m allowed to drink fucking beer. What else is the point of a beer festival?
Even with the exceptions, I’m probably going to raise a glass less than a dozen times over the course of this year. 
Why this particular resolution?
Although I’ve been drinking more alcohol over the last few years than I have since university, I don’t feel like it’s a problem in that I have to drink to function or any other sorry shit like that. But I am so tired of the side effects of drinking that I want to take a break from it all. No more hangovers. No more empty wallets. No more drained energy. No more blurry nights. Etc. I can’t wait to have Saturday morning back!
The rest of my plans for this year are less measurable (like drinking “more” water or exercising “more” or spending “less” money) and so I’m not turning them into resolutions. But the drinking thing? That is easy for me to tell if I’m sticking to it or not.
Here’s to 2011. I’d raise a glass to toast it, but… 

2 responses to “Reflections. Resolutions. Other best laid plans.

  1. >If I come visit, would you still drink?? 😉

  2. >I *could* still drink. But I think in your case I'll only drink if you drink. Fact.

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