Monthly Archives: December 2010

>So many shite CVs… pain… loathing…

>I am really good at writing a CV. My CV is excellent. This may be due, in part, because I have changed jobs so much and have had a LOT of practice and opportunity to hone that bastard.

I have also helped a bunch of others with their CVs. And it is usually for the better. They all got jobs, at any rate. Eventually.

I have occasionally entertained the idea of doing this for money… sort of a second job. And I think there would be a demand for such a service. Because there are a lot of shit CVs out there. Trust me. I’ve been reading most of them today. It is hurting me. A lot.

But I wonder if helping a shit person get a great job with a good CV wouldn’t be like helping a guilty person go free if you were a defence attorney. How guilty would I feel if I landed horrible people into great jobs?