>Li’l Knight

>I’m having trouble these mornings getting up. Mostly during the week. Read into that what you will.

I commute for about 40 minutes to an hour, and 25 minutes of that is walking. Which isn’t a bad commute, really.

This morning it was making me grumpy though. Doesn’t matter if the journey is tolerable if you aren’t happy with the destination. On top of that there were no seats, the weather was bleak and I hadn’t had any coffee. A recipe for the grumpies, really.

So in a sour mood I got off the train at London Bridge. And on the platform was a little boy wearing a plastic knight’s helmet and scowling even more than I was. Which made me smile big – I nearly laughed. Just the ridiculousness of the helmet, the facial expression and the location: Perfect. I loved him in that moment… he was made of pure awesomeness, the impetuous little bugger.

And after seeing the li’l knight… the sky didn’t seem so dour and suddenly I could wait for coffee. And despite things not being great in all aspects of my life right now (read: work, boys, money, etc), I really need to remember that if the sight of a kid in a helmet is enough to pull me out of my morning slump… life ain’t that bad, kiddo. Life ain’t that bad.

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