I’m obviously scarred emotionally

I had an entirely frightful moment today.

It was like  looking back in a moving car and seeing that scary Terminator guy (not Arnie, the creepy one) hanging off the trunk with his scary hook hands.

I very nearly had to interact with one of the denizens of Aurghville.

I KNOW, RIGHT? I actually shuddered and had to take evasive action.

All I was doing was heading out to grab some lunch (not to take a lunch break, but to grab food and eat it at my desk while I stare vacantly at my monitor wishing away my to-do list) when all this happened.  I saw the denizen and nearly panicked – there was a moment where I stood there frozen wondering if he would notice me. Rather than walk by with my head turned and risk it, I actually turned into a restaurant and ducked out the back door.

50 bajillion freaking people in London. I can’t believe I nearly had to relive even a moment of that nightmare with a face-to-face discussion.


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