Really Trident? EW

>I don’t chew gum very often. As a girl not known for being petite, I don’t think chewing a wad of anything all the time looks particularly attractive. I try not to care what other people think about me, but despite that I really don’t want to think about people making mental comparisons between me with some gum and a cow with a cud.

Anyway, I bought some Trident the other day. I had eaten some sushi and wanted to cleanse the palate, as it were.  Yummy Trident Splash, spearmint style.

Today I pulled out my package of Trident and the back of it caught my eye. Apparently if you hand over all your personal details, you have the slim to slight chance of winning festival tickets.

This isn’t the EW part. The EW part is this:


I UNDERSTAND that they have to have the warning as Trident is part of Cadbury and Cadbury makes chocolate products that may contain nuts. And nuts (or seeds) in a chocolate confectionery is fine. More than fine. Can be pretty tasty, in fact. Stop being so smart. Smart isn’t funny.

Instead just think about the gum containing nuts. Nuts. Or seeds. In your gum.  Sesame seed gum. Peanut gum.  EW EW EW.

SICK. Gum should never, ever have chunks of anything in it.

Ew. Chunks.

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