>The National – 06 MAY 2010

>How excited was I for this gig? SO EXCITED.  The National are my favourite band in the world (right now). Their new album (High Violet) is amazing. All their old stuff is amazing. If you haven’t listened to them, find a way to do so RIGHT NOW.  Your life quality will improve 24.6%. Fact.

First, I need to apologise because there are no pictures. This is the point in my life where getting a new camera was no longer an option. I’m sad that there are no photos. I wish there were. Fortunately, I don’t think I’ll forget this gig even if I don’t have the pictures.

I went to the gig with Toni, a mate from work. And get this: HE HAD NEVER BEEN TO A GIG BEFORE.


I’m still having difficulty wrapping my head around that one. How does one get to their late twenties (taking a stab at the dark here at his age) without ever seeing a concert? I asked him (only kind of joking) if he had been kept in a closet as a child. I didn’t really receive a satisfactory answer to that one. It would certainly explain a lot. No – a lot. You haven’t met Toni.

The gig was at the Royal Albert Hall, which is both a great and terrible venue. It is great acoustically and for sight lines. It is kind of lame for crowd involvement. I mean… it is a theatre, not a stadium. Or a pub. So everyone just kind of sits there. We had to sit there, we were up in the circle. But even the people on the floor were sitting, which is just weird. Or at least they WERE sitting, until Matt Berninger (lead singer) stepped over the monitors and reached into the crowd and started pulling people to their feet.

The music was fantastic and The National put on an great show. They had a lot of charisma (which came across even in a place the size of the Royal Albert Hall) and so much talent. I’d happily go see them play 100 million times. Maybe more. I’ll be accepting donations so I can buy tickets for their next shows.

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