Catching up

>It is a GORGEOUS day outside today. So I am, contrarily and entirely like me, taking the time to sit inside at my computer… uploading pictures and blogging and answering my emails. Clearly I am an idiot.

The afternoon is not nearly passed and I will be heading out shortly to marvel at the blue skies and sunshine (not often seen ’round these here parts) but I wanted to ‘splain the burst of quotes and gig updates that came before this post.

No, I didn’t read all those books at the same time. It took me at least two weeks. I am a terrible glutton at times when it comes to books. I read a lot, I read quickly, and I re-read books a lot. So that’s that. And the gigs… I’m caught up on them now too.

I still owe myself a post on the hospital stay… before it goes on too long and I forget what it was really, truly like. I also have some complaining to do about online dating (yah, doing that again/still… it’s ridiculous). But for now, I’m going to take my camera and head out into the sun.

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