Band of Horses – 12 April 2010


Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. I mean… obviously I like music. I like taking pictures. I like talking about music. I like all of it. And yet it takes me weeks (WEEKS) to get up a post about an AWESOME gig like Band of Horses. I am made of blogging fail. Again.

Band of Horses played at Koko, which is a fantastic venue. Seriously. Last year I saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes play there and it was also fantastic, even though they are very, very different bands.

Eva joined me for the gig, which was cool. She’s a good sport – I apparently had emailed her work email, not her home, and when I sent her the text on Monday morning asking if she was excited about the gig, she went along with it… even though she didn’t know what I was on about yet. Awesome. She was just all like “yay, a gig!” and agreed to come.  This is why I always buy two tickets, kids. It means I can expose people to fantastic things like Band of Horses (and I don’t have to buy my own beer at the gig – iz win-win, yus?)

We got there early enough to stand right at the very front, which I haven’t bothered to do in a long, long time. It means that you may actually get to see that the band is in fact a band in my pictures.

The show was opened by Tyler Ramsey. He was really good. He also plays guitar for Band of Horses, so after playing a solo act, he came back on stage to play with the band. Win.

Here’s a video of him playing his lovely song “A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea”

Band of Horses were fantastic on stage. The interacted well with the crowd and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. During their song Great Salt Lake, the audience singers (you just gotta love them, don’t you… I mean, I paid all that money to listen to the off-tune teens behind me screaming garbled lyrics…) got ahead of the band. The lead singer stopped playing, said “Wait for it… ” before they resumed. If you have Spotify, you can hear the song at Band Of Horses – The Great Salt Lake.  If not… go YouTube it. It’s a great song.

My favourite song by them (Band Of Horses – The Funeral ) – The Funeral – they fucked up completely. But I forgive them, because it was funny. First, the lead guitarist / singer had the capo on the wrong fret so it all just sounded wrong, wrong, wrong. He sorted that, then part way through the song – when they have to go from the heavy bit to the picky bit again – he fucked up again and muttered “fuck this song”, laughed and started playing again. It was all good.

Their first encore they played in one of the balconies of Koko which was great.

Overall, a wonderful show. Could have done without the teenage couple alternating between screaming, singing off key and making out behind us… but other than that it was pretty awesome.

2 responses to “Band of Horses – 12 April 2010

  1. >Those little shisters were the reason for my ear infection. Fact.

  2. >…and by shisters I meant the yobs behind us, not the band!!

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