>On the way home tonight my music was all of a lovely instrumental variety that I wasn’t overly familiar with. I was listening to it and leaning next to the train doors, looking out the window and watching London slide by. And it was lovely. Because there were no words it felt like it was just ambient music for a film… adding just a wee bit of mood to give some colour to the journey home after a long day.

One response to “>Soundtrack

  1. >"No fears alone at nightshe's sailing through the crowdin her ears the phones are tightand the music's playing loud.She gets rock 'n rollon a rock 'n roll stationand a rock 'n roll dreamShe's making movies on locationShe don't know what it meansbut the music makes her wanna be the storyand the story was whatever was the songRollergirl, don't worryDJ plays the movies all night long"… and you thought no one reads your blog!!You need to write a book, Jodi!!ron.lyster@domtar.comp.s. Duke still rules!!

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