>Pretty good fortune, cookie

>A couple of weeks ago a very lovely thing happened. Both Brendan and Stefanie were in London. We were only shy one Britstick of a Team Six reunion, which would have been amazing.

Brendan came over on Sunday from Ireland and Stef (all the way from the US) joined us shortly after. And oh, glorious! It was so good to see them.

I won’t go into details about what we did together (I can sum it up thusly: went to pubs, walked around the city, saw Westminster Abbey, laughed a lot)  because it probably wouldn’t be very interesting to anyone except us. But there was one thing I wanted to share.

One night the three of us went to a local Korean restaurant which was fitting seeing as how we all became friends when we all lived in Korea and no one lived anywhere else.  That, and we all love Korean food. Anyway, the people at the restaurant remember me (must be that they don’t get many Korean speaking whities in there) and they are always so baffled when Tyran and I aren’t there together (side note: Tyran was there with another friend of ours and I think the waitress figured he was cheating on me… she didn’t realise that he’s my flatmate – HA!) so they were asking how we all knew each other.

We explained that we had all been teachers in Korea and met there. That we were all from different countries and just happened to be in Korea at the same time. And that we were visiting together in London… even though none of us are English.

The staff thought that was wonderful!  How lucky, they told us, that we made such great friends, how good it was that we are still friends and how amazingly fortunate it is that we can still visit each other.

You know what?  Those lovely restaurant workers are right. It is a truly, truly wonderful thing.

2 responses to “>Pretty good fortune, cookie

  1. >yes! we are lucky! the koreans are right! 🙂 love you, jodes! xxx

  2. >Does my face look fat in that?

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